Ethnicity proves reliable indicator of what microbes thrive in the gut


“Human genomes are 99.9 percent the same between any two people, so what we’re really interested in is what explains the marked variations in gut microbiomes between people,” said Bordenstein, associate professor of biological sciences. “What are the rules, and can we manipulate that microbiome in order to improve health and medicine in the long run? If you look at common factors associated with gut microbiome differences, such as gender, weight or age, you find many inconsistencies in the types of gut bacteria present. But when we compare differences by patients’ self-declared ethnicities, we find stable and consistent features of bacteria present in the gut.”

Research increasingly links the gut microbiome to a range of human maladies, including inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes and even cancer. Attempts to manipulate the gut with food rich in healthy bacteria, such as yogurt or kombucha, are in vogue, along with buying commercial probiotics that promise to improve users’ chances against illness.

Changing the gut microbiome to beat illness really does hold great potential, said Vanderbilt University biologist Seth Bordenstein, but first scientists must answer what constitutes a healthy gut microbiome and in whom. By studying data on nearly 1,700 Americans of varying genders, ages, weights and ethnicities, they learned that gut microbiome differences among ethnicities are the most consistent factor.

I have been vocal about protecting the local terrain driven diversity, not only in food but also in trees, animals and humans! Wonderful science of Varna System was in place, keeping society strong and united. It was broken due to continuous inflow of external cultural subjugation by force.


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