Ancient India, Education and Titles for Female students



In Ancient India, more than a name, title was used to identify character of a student. And these titles were not limited to male students.For example, those brahman varna females studying आपिशाली व्याकरण were known as आपिशाला ब्राह्मणी.

If we study shatapath brahman bhashya, we get know that complex and deeper subjects like मीमांसा were also studied by females with equal zeal!

For example females engaged in study of काशकृत्स्न् आचार्यके मीमांसा शास्त्र were known as काशकृत्स्ना.


And this learning was not limited to being student! Some of them also became Guru and were doing regular teaching work.

The way titles are discussed in shatpatha brahman bhashya by Patanjali, it was so common to have female teachers as norm.

In one example, Patanjali expressed that female teachers are not just for female educations. Students and Guru relations were gender-neutral. For example, औदमेद्या’s students were known as औदमेध्य!

Females studying षष्टिपथ were known as षष्टिपथिकी.

Females studying शतपथ were known as शतपथिकी.

In our times, there is one unparalleled example to cite: Mahāmahopādhyāyāchārya Smt. Dr. Pushpā Dīkshit. Pushpā Dīkshit, who is affectionately referred to as “Mātāji” by her students, is one of the foremost pioneers in the field of Sanskrit grammar and linguistics.

The answer to those who doubt their ability to learn Sanskrit lies in the Paushpi Prakriyā, Mātāji’s incredible methodology that decodes Pāṇini’s Aṣṭādhyāyī in a way that makes it tremendously easy to comprehend. Traditional approaches to Pāṇinian grammar often require years, even decades to cover the entirety of the Aṣṭādhyāyī, Mātāji’s methodology, which she has meticulously developed over the last 40 years, has enabled students to cover the Aṣṭādhyāyī in less than a year!  But hey, don’t take my word for it – try it for yourself!



Point we are trying to bring to the table is: Female oppression as it is brought to the landscape of common Indian’s mind via text books and media is nothing but propaganda and gas.

We had great female scholars and there was no bias for female education. Don’t get trapped in self-hate and start hating your great legacy! May all our daughters have access to true form of education and not something that may destroy their real potential and turn them as corporate slaves.


Education Vision Series 2: The convocation address

Convocation is important milestone in every student’s life. A time to step up and perform duties based on learning happened at the education institute. Vedic seers were finest educationists and convocation address they used to follow is timeless, still valid Today.

Elements of ideal citizen are timeless. Here they are from upanishad:

॥ शीक्षावल्ली तैत्तिरीयोपनिषदि ॥


सत्यं वद ।  Speak the Truth.
 धर्मं चर ।  Practise Virtue.
 स्वाध्यायान्मा प्रमदः ।  Do not neglect your daily Study.
 आचार्याय प्रियं धनमाहृत्य  Offer to the Teacher whatever pleases him,
 प्रजातन्तुं मा व्यवच्छेत्सीः ।  Do not cut off the line of progeny.
 सत्यान्न प्रमदितव्यम् ।  Do not neglect Truth.
 धर्मान्न प्रमदितव्यम् ।  Do not neglect Virtue.
 कुशलान्न प्रमदितव्यम् ।  Do not neglect Welfare.
 भूत्यै न प्रमदितव्यम् ।  Do not neglect Prosperity.
 स्वाध्यायप्रवचनाभ्यां न प्रमदितव्यम् ॥ १॥  Do not neglect Study and Teaching . I:11:i
 देवपितृकार्याभ्यां न प्रमदितव्यम् ।  Do not neglect your duty to the Gods and the Ancestors.
 मातृदेवो भव ।  Regard the Mother as your God.
 पितृदेवो भव ।  Regard the Father as your God.
 आचार्यदेवो भव ।  Regard the Teacher as your God.
 अतिथिदेवो भव ।  Regard the Guest as your God.
 यान्यनवद्यानि कर्माणि तानि सेवितव्यानि ।  Whatever deeds are blameless, they are to be practised,
 नो इतराणि ।  not others.
 यान्यस्माक सुचरितानि ।  Whatever good practices are among us
 तानि त्वयोपास्यानि । नो इतराणि ॥ २॥  are to be adopted by you, not others . I:11:I

Mahila’s role in sustaining Samsar(संसार)


Be it science of health or science of soil, without her blessings, you and me are nothing but dead sand specks.


Respect all her forms. Revere all her forms.

स्त्रीषु प्रतिर्विशेषेण स्त्रीष्वपत्यं प्रतिष्ठितम् ।।
धर्मार्थौ स्त्रीषु लक्ष्मीश्च स्त्रीषु लाका: प्रतिष्ठिाताः ॥
-चरक संहिता- चि० स्था० अ० २

‘‘प्रीति का निवास अधिकतर स्त्रियों में ही होता है। सन्तान की जननी भी वे ही होती हैं। धर्म स्त्रियों में रहता है, लक्ष्मी भी स्त्रियों में रहती है। इसलिए भी संसार स्त्रियों में ही स्थित है।’’

नारी वस्तुतः मूर्तिमान महामाया ही है!

Grace resides in her. She is the mother. She is the source of dharma. She is the source of wealth. World resides in her. World rests in her.

After this loud and clear proclamation by Maharshi, no one should dare to use कुतर्क/ill-logic to defame inherent respect dharma civilization gives to Maa and all her forms. Problem is not in source but present polluted breeds.

Jai Maa!

Making of nectar quality of butter milk


No photo description available.

Had a great learning session with Vanrajsinh Chauhan bhai!
Ask your grand-mother and verify. Don’t demand proofs.
Making of Dahi at home was multi-generation process. Fermented dahi was protected over generations! Microbes used for fermentation remain same over generations! What your great great grand-father used to eat, you eat the same! Your probiotic profile remain same! No ulcer and no cancer!
Now? We consume factory-made bacteria fermented food! And then feel pride in it! 😀 Of course due to ignorance. But for how long! Why can’t we revive the tradition! End result? Ulcer! Acidity. Indigestion. Sour reflexes.
And Dahi used to be consumed same day! Never freeze it for a week or so! Ferment and consume! That is the only healthy probiotic food!

Eating is not about filling empty stomach



Eating, breathing and sleeping are the three most essential things for survival. While air comes free of cost and no effort or planning is required for breathing, and sleep comes naturally at the end of a hard day’s work, it is eating that we need to pay special attention to.

While cooking the food must get contact of air and sunlight(this is one of the reasons why our kitchen is built in corner, mostly south-east corner of the house according to Vaastu Shastra). If the food doesn’t get contact of air and sunlight then this food will work like slow poison in the system.

This means that pressure cooker is very bad for health. While cooking in pressure cooker the grains get broken and thus become soft. This does not mean they are getting cooked. So the food thus prepared is useless for the body.

Diabetes, Bronchitis, TB, Asthma etc. 48 ailments have been directly traced to pressure cooker by modern scientists at CDRI/CSIR labs.
Best utensils for cooking are clay(earthen pot), kaansa(bronze) and peetal(brass) in that order.

Researchers at the CDRI Lab in Lucknow (a central govt. body) have found that after cooking say Arhar daal(Split Red Gram) in Clay pot 100% of the micro nutrients originally present in the daal are still there, 93% are left after cooking in kaansa utensils(bronze) and 87% after cooking in peetal(brass) utensils. Whereas after cooking the same daal in a pressure cooker only 13% of these micro nutrients are left. Essentially what is left is worthless and unusable by the body.

Don’t just eat to fill ur stomach. Eat food which has high nutritional value left in it and it is only possible if u cook in a traditional way as mentioned above…

Purpose of Education



Purpose of Education is to prepare growing minds to become self-sustaining and self-reliant by their biologically and mentally matured age.

We (including me) seek jobs after we graduate. That is not self-reliance. That is not self-sustaining.

Plus, this education does not mature us at right biological age. Even after passing 30s, so many of us still can’t take life decisions independently! 😀

On top of it, majority of us are least bothered about environment, Nation and society. Me and my entertainment! Limited scope for much needed changes in society.

Is it not failed model of education? Then why should we enroll our kids in same rotting system? Should we not force our schools to radically alter the way they operate? After all, we pay hefty amount to them, don’t we?

75 years old Agriculture Advice



Early 20th century economists and policy makers in India were brainwashed by stupid struggle theories where cattle in great number eating increasing human population’s share of food were portrayed.

There comes Royal commission on agriculture with same conclusion.

And worst chapter in history about cow slaughter begun.

These writings make a refreshing reading as they bring back to India the faith which under Western influence educated India seems to have lost, a faith blooming forth in the eternal gardens of knowledge of the “Upanishads”.

A fertile soil means healthy crops, healthy cattle and last but not the least healthy humans.

Fertile soil without Gau?

This advice is from Germany (Hitler’s Germany) by Erhard Bartsch.

Know more links:

Misleading depiction of Avatar: The fat little Krishna



All best wishes to this child actor but don’t you think this depiction of Krishna as child is little obscured?

Obese Krishna? I can’t imagine! I watched one episode of this soap and in few scenes, the child actor was having difficulty in breathing while running.

Certainly, not my imagination of Krishna’s childhood.

This is nothing but degrading mighty character archetype and establishing and accepting obesity as new normal.

Children watching this will suffer from cognitive dissonance. Obese in their peer group can’t do anything but obese Krishna can do miracles! So? Krishna is just an imagination! Cannot be real!

“I can’t be Krishna! ” – takeaway unconscious message for children watching it.

I am happy to change my view if you share any scriptural reference where Krishna is described obese.

Plants also do उपवास(Fasting), प्राणमय कोष and गुरुकुल शिक्षण


Restraint is life-giver approach and obsession is life-consuming approach. Fasting in modern parlance is either fashion statement to appease religious affiliation or a torture to reduce weight! Both are against the dharma!

Then what is dharma aligned fasting?

युक्ताहारविहारस्य युक्तचेष्टस्य कर्मसु |
युक्तस्वप्नावबोधस्य योगो भवति दु:खहा || १७ ||

जो खाने, सोने, आमोद-प्रमोद तथा काम करने की आदतों में नियमित रहता है, वह योगाभ्यास द्वारा समस्त भौतिक क्लेशों को नष्ट कर सकता है |

Plants do it. Even plants need autophagy (उपवास). Modern chemical based agriculture won’t allow it. Hence, over-nutrition led viral infection.


Plants overcome hunger with the aid of autophagy

Plants use solar energy for growth through a process known as photosynthesis. Photosynthesis reactions occur in chloroplasts, which are the intracellular compartments in green organs, mainly in leaves. In nature, plants cannot get enough solar energy when neighboring plants shade them from the sun. Under agricultural fields, insufficient sunshine due to unusual weather, or natural disasters such as flooding, strongly inhibits energy acquisition in crop plants. Therefore, many researchers are interested in how plants cope with their “hunger” due to the shortage of solar energy.

Drs. Masanori Izumi and Hiroyuki Ishida from Tohoku University had previously demonstrated that plant chloroplasts are actively digested via a process of autophagy during energy starvation. Autophagy is the “self-eating” process of consuming the portion of intracellular proteins in the cells of eukaryotes such as yeast, humans and plants. The research group focused on the precise role of chloroplast-targeted autophagy in the plant survival strategy under low-energy stress. “We hypothesized that chloroplast-associated autophagy is closely linked to the amino acid metabolism in energy-starved plants”, said Izumi.

According to the study, when a cress plant known as Arabidopsis thaliana is exposed to hunger stress as plants are transferred into complete darkness they can continue to grow for several days; autophagic digestion of chloroplast proteins are rapidly activated and amino acid levels increase. This response during the early stage of hunger stress is suppressed in the mutant plants lacking autophagy machinery.

Hints for गुरुकुल शिक्षण

लालयेत् पंच वर्षाणि दश वर्षाणि ताडयेत्।
प्राप्ते षोडशे वर्षे पुत्रे मित्रवदाचरेत्॥

अर्थ- पाँच वर्ष की अवस्था तक पुत्र को लाड़ करना चाहिए, दस वर्ष की अवस्था तक (उसी की भलाई के लिए) उसे ताड़ना देना चाहिए और उसके सोलह वर्ष की अवस्था प्राप्त कर लेने पर उससे मित्रवत व्यहार करना चाहिए.
Age 5 to Age 15 is to make their life disciplined but that doesn’t mean you start scolding him from his 5th birthday. शनै शनै …For first 5 years from age 5 to age 10, father figures in family takes care of gradually introducing different forms of शिस्त…ताडन by rules…and small punishments when rules are broken. Sudden scolding is dangerous.

This happen best at Gurukul. ताड़न is pro-life. ताड़न happens best at gurukul. ताड़न is Autophagy for growing mind.

One of the fundamental tenant of Gurukul education is to impart self-discipline in child so that he or she can focus on ज्ञान यात्रा and eventually walk inch closer to the self-realization. This cannot happen effectively by living in संसार. It can happen best in forest based residential school.

How? You imagine based on your understanding of Gurukul!

Hint: प्राणमय कोष विकास by struggles and simple living. Just like how a plant works better due to autophagy process, ब्रह्मचर्य जीवन play crucial role in man making.

When student’s mind is most vulnerable for external attacks (teen age), he or she spends enough time away from luxury and comforts that society offers them. This restraints prepare them like solid rock. Their धारणा for life becomes more rooted and firm. Such students will never disappoint society as a citizen, family as father/mother and elderly and poor as caretakers!

Protein myth, mindless prescription and weakened heart



My good friend asked “My son’s growth is not up to the scale and pediatrician is suggesting to include eggs in his diet. What is your view?”

“I think, your pediatrician is bookish and have little knowledge of local seasonal diet. Eggs for kids in dry and hot Gujarat, is deadly. Counter productive. And on top of it, you are not getting natural eggs. Eggs available in market are full of hormones and toxins. Deadlier.”

Fast forward 2 months. This is what I found on Facebook:

एक सवाल ….
कोलकाता हो या कश्मीर रोज खाओ खीर ना दिखा कर हमें संडे हो या मंडे रोज खाओ अंडे क्यों दिखाया जाता है❓
रही बात प्रोटीन की तो दालों में प्रोटीन अंडे से अधिक होता है तथा शीत (मट्ठा, छाछ) में तो सुपाच्य प्रोटीन की मात्रा सर्वाधिक होती है। बालाकोट हो या भोपाल रोज खाओ दाल या राजकोट हो या पीलीभीत रोज पीओ शीत क्यों नहीं दिखाया जाता❓

अणपढ़ जाट रोहतकी✍
वैदिक भवन रोहतक (आर्याणा)

Most of us are now living life hopelessly clueless. Our choices are driven Algorithms and media. That includes pediatrician who gave eggs as diet prescription! 🙁

Youth is driven by advertisement and half-baked nutritionist at Gym. So in lust for good muscles, they too eat eggs mindlessly. Beware! Save your teen-age kids!

Here is the study related to eggs


Bad news for egg lovers

Higher egg and cholesterol consumption hikes heart disease and death risk

“The take-home message is really about cholesterol, which happens to be high in eggs and specifically yolks,” said co-corresponding study author Norrina Allen, associate professor of preventive medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. “As part of a healthy diet, people need to consume lower amounts of cholesterol. People who consume less cholesterol have a lower risk of heart disease.”

Egg yolks are one of the richest sources of dietary cholesterol among all commonly consumed foods. One large egg has 186 milligrams of dietary cholesterol in the yolk.

Other animal products such as red meat, processed meat and high-fat dairy products (butter or whipped cream) also have high cholesterol content, said lead author Wenze Zhong, a postdoctoral fellow in preventive medicine at Northwestern.

“Our study showed if two people had exact same diet and the only difference in diet was eggs, then you could directly measure the effect of the egg consumption on heart disease,” Allen said. “We found cholesterol, regardless of the source, was associated with an increased risk of heart disease.

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