Poisoned Roots



Remember one thing, poisoned roots will never ever able to sustain the life forever.

Culturally, morally, physically and mentally, we are gifting poisoned roots to our kids. The game won’t go on forever like this.

Although, it is nature of Kaliyuga but let us don’t be just another sheep of the crowd. Take the control back. As much as possible. Don’t worry about the external forces or failures! At least, let us try!

Let us avoid the situation this tree shown in the picture is in. We are in the historically most critical time with golden opportunity.

PS: Second hint from picture. Without the help of digested prana within, even raw prana (the Sun) is helpless. Roots in tree, Gut in human body, very critical. Protect it.

Role of (better) us in democracy



All medicines are not same. Some medicines solve ailment for short time. Problem resurface. So doctors always prescribe prevention mechanism along with medicines so that problem does not resurface.

If the land is barren with no water source, will you dare to plant tree with heavy water requirements? You either change entire environment or find a technology to grow same tree with less water. But you need to alter environment for sure to meet the water requirements. Just potent seeds won’t work.

Similarly, your potent law drafts are futile unless you alter environment to support potent laws. You need to alter psyche of majority i.e. चरित्र निर्माण.

If you miss this important step i.e. चरित्र निर्माण of citizens, you do nothing but waste precious time because even if there will be system change by euphoria, it won’t sustain for long due to subjects inability to cope up with it.

So, चरित्र निर्माण <<====>> राष्ट्र निर्माण should be our motto. Let us work for both together.

All of us seek Nation governed for the people, by the people (प्रजा-आधीन राजा,राष्ट्र-प्रेमी प्रजा).
Let us assume that we get such system, by hook or crook. System is in place. Do you think, it will go on forever? If yes, I think you are living in some lunatic plane.

Ethical conduct of citizens play vital role to nurture and preserve any ideal political system envisioned.

Ethical conduct needs to be induced in citizens. If this ethical conduct is induced out of fear of the law, it won’t last for long because of humans inherent tendency to protest again slavery.

For self-governed system to stay on for time immemorial, we also need to work hard to establish self-governed morality, rooted in love for Nation and understanding of swa-dharma. To establish self-governed morality, character-building of subjects remain unavoidable job. That is where parenting, educating, military-training will play important role.

My suggestion to all patriots is to work for strengthening of both legs together i.e. Desh and Deshi-bhakt. Let there be no gaffe in achieving this goal.

Hindu Symbols and Deeper Meaning



ध्वज,शंख,रथ,चक्र – They have deeper than expected meaning in our lives. Unfortunately, our education and family system is afflicted by secularism disease. We hardly discuss these things at home. Forget sharing with kids!

When “What is life?” is out of scope for education and parenting, we only breed humans by physiology. Mind and Birth -wasted.

प्राणे सर्वं प्रतिष्ठितम्।
सबका आश्रय प्राण ही है|

अरा इव रथनाभौ प्राणे सर्वं प्रतिष्ठितम्।
ऋचो यजू्ँषि सामानि यज्ञः क्षत्रं ब्रह्म च।।2.1.6।।

जैसे रथकी नाभिमें अरे लगे रहते हैं उसी तरह ऋक्, यजुः, साम, यज्ञ तथा क्षत्रिय और ब्राह्मणये सब प्राणमें ही स्थित हैं ।

As spokes in the nave of a wheel, so all is centred in Prana, the verses of the Rig-Veda, Yajur-Veda, Sama-Veda, sacrifices, the Kshatriyas and the Brahmanas.

“The existence of a vital force or life-energy has been doubted by western Science, because that Science concerns itself only with the most external operations of Nature and has as yet no true knowledge of anything except the physical and outward. This Prana, this life-force is not physical in itself; it is not material energy, but rather a different principle supporting Matter and involved in it. It supports and occupies all forms and without it no physical form could have come into being or could remain in being. It acts in all material forces such as electricity and is nearest to self-manifestation in those that are nearest to pure force; no material force could exist or act without it, for from it they derive their energy and movement and they are its vehicles. But all material aspects are only field and form of the Prana which is in itself a pure energy, their cause and not their result. It cannot therefore be detected by any physical analysis; physical analysis can only resolve for us the combinations of those material happenings which are its results and the external signs and symbols of its presence and operation.”

– Shri Arvind, Book 12, pg 200

Grihasthi’s Brahmcharya : Less talked subject


Brahmcharya for Grihastha is to follow Grihastha Dharma in most simpler terms. For example, one must keep control (physical and mental) of Kama in prescribed times i.e. while baby feeding is ON (This disturbs hormonal balance physically and corrupts psyche of a kid mentally) .


People talk about Brahmcharya. Brahmcharya for students so that they can excel. Brahmcharya for Sanyasin so that they remain on path of Sadhana. Less is talked about Brahmcharya for Grihasthi. It is equally critical.

Nation pays heavy price for not following this critical norm of living ideal life.

Result of indulged society and leaders?

1) Frequent Tharoor episodes (Affair with ISI agent as alleged by his wife) -> National Security jeopardized
2) Frequent destruction of family institution -> Damaged society -> Damaged Nation
3) Ailing personal health -> Lack of courage and creativity -> Nation full of Unproductive and Slaves
4) Corruption of growing children’s psyche (due to uncontrolled parents) -> Future Citizens as slaves -> Damaged Nation
5) Corruption at source -> Sex during pregnancy -> deformed and defective children -> Burden on society

Moral degradation is early sign of annihilation. Face it or cure it. It will take at least 2-3 generations of monumental work.

To begin with, curtail your love for entertainment at personal and family level. Take it to the next level. Let your friends and relatives get sanitized. Stress more on child development. Let them do not repeat your foolish mistakes. Participate in Nation-development by breeding bold, courageous and intelligent future citizens.

Dharma and Nation : No scope for failure



In most intellectual ventures (press,school,lab), start is always good. Most founders foresee next step as material expansion and publicity. Hardly, there is a motive of self-replication of model and ideas. So, gradually, after initial success, founders are lured by investors to derive investor-friendly results/outcomes/findings. That’s where term ‘Paid’ come into the picture. Paid-media, paid-teaching, paid-research etc. When intellectual activities are paid for self-interest of payer, we must not expect genuine results. Paid-intellect cannot deliver selfless goals.

We need selfless thinkers and researchers backed by selfless investors. They all dedicated in National service. Brahmarshi, Maharshi, Rajarshi. Devarṣi, Paramrṣi, Shrutarṣi and Kāndarṣi…strive to be one from the list…Your skills & your will for National cause.

Surname-sake Hindus and Festivities


Urban Hindu(s) have turned all festivals into booze parties. Habit is now common in rural area too.

Come Diwali, lets booze!
Come Lohri, lets booze!
Come Holi, lets booze!

Nothing but individual and societal destruction.

You are worse than Catholic Hindu(s) who only restrict festivity to consumerism. Take care. Realize and correct it!

Even जय श्री राम sayers too ignoring Ramayana!

न हि धर्मार्थ सिद्ध्यर्थम् पानम् एवम् प्रशस्यते |
पानात् अर्थस्य कामः च धर्मः च परिहीयते || ४-३३-४६

46. dharma artha siddhi artham = rectitude, riches, to achieve, for the purpose of; evam paanam prashasyate hi = this way, drinking, not, appreciable, isn’t it; paanaat = by drinking; arthasya kaamaH ca dharmaH ca = prosperity, aspirations, also, probity, even; parihiiyate = will be defeated, brought to ruin.

“For the purpose of achieving rightly rectitude and rightful riches this way of bacchanalia is inappreciable, isn’t it! Just going on drinking will bring prosperity, aspirations and even probity to ruin. [4-33-46]

Slow and Steady Degeneration of Armed Force’s Humanpower



Purpose of क्रीडा & क्रीडागण is not mere pastime. It is not for recreation exclusively. Our rustic games, from खोखो to कब्बडी to Jallikatuu type aggressive sports – all of them were essential fundamental elements for making of warriors out of ordinary citizens.

Check these two old notes on this subject:

Mandatory Sports, Making of Citizen Warriors and National Security

Sports ground based Army of Citizens

Now, let us come to the subjects : How exactly, generation by generation, supply of manpower to Army, the foot-soldiers, are losing their abilities and the warrior spirit. There are several reasons for it (change in food patterns, lack of struggle, influence of urban life via internet/mobile) but the predominant one is the death of traditional sports. While laggard game cricket killed almost all other games, vested interests are killing some of the aggressive games like Jallikattu. This has direct impact on generations grew up without such sports!!

I wrote this in 2017 by sharing one post on Jallikattu

“Area where Jallikattu is celebrated, produces finest armed forces for Maa Bharti.
This proves my hypothesis that, there is indeed systematic collapse of
Indian security planned by Anti-India forces.
Believe it or not, it is emerging as reality.
Punjab, Maratha and now Tamil…”

Story of bull owners


Look at the leap of this bull at the finishing line. The proud owner displaying his hey days photo when he was young and won many awards.

They have many societies and trusts like Theni district veera vilayattu sangam ( valour games association of theni) nattu madu valarpor sangam ( desi cow growers society). These have thousand members or more. They plan to agitate soon. They are apalled by the lack of understanding of the issue by city people and are saying may be they shud stop all food supply to city people.

It is often forgotten that places where jallikattu happens are also places that provide significant manpower to armed forces today and in the past were significant contributors to Netajis Indian national army. how else will you have guts and promote it as a trait for generations.

Many patronizers are well educated youth and old people. He is a graduate who left a well paying job to do agriculture and also to take care of the bulls. He is a sad but agitated man. He says he is very offended when people say uneducated illiterate people encourage this barbaric sport. Who is uneducated and barbaric time will tell.

(Post link: https://www.facebook.com/L.Sridhar/posts/10153195647746338)

Destroying us, bit by bit.
From the inside, while making our own people do the dirty work.
The cunning has to be admired.

  • Comment by a FB friend

Why do we need Gita in curriculum?



The training for excellence is to practice the embodied technologies of decision-making, the right decisions, the wise decisions, when needed by the present dharma, context, one faces. This is the goal, the ethics of the whole program of the Avatara Krisna in the Bhagavad Gita: to train Arjuna, that fallen and disturbed warrior, to make decisions, the best ones, as needed by his present dharma (his present situation), a battle field.

And this is the program of human acting, from the Rig Veda down, that Indic texts propose:

“an ethics of decision making as opposed to an ethics of compliance to rules coming from the outside.”

Here is the test whether you are still Bharatiya or being westernized heavily. Our education system has no mechanism of whatsoever in nature to teach anyone decision based on multiple ambiguous situations, self-centered decisions like “What is best among the possible?”.
If you are westernized, you perform veridical arguments (arguments coinciding with only visible reality), this is true and this is false but you miserably lack ability to make decisions in complex situations, under the cloud of multiple choices. Why, you are not taught to use your frontal lobe efficiently.

Solution: Introduce Gita in curriculum because, on आधिदैविक plane, Gita is the human body itself, sung beautifully to present her lovely form of existence. Learn her, live like how she wants you to live.

अध्यात्म for धर्म संस्थापना



If your spiritual inclination induces impotency and inactivity as a resultant sum of change, it is fake. Do reality check.

Examples: If these are your slogans —
“Non-violence is a great weapon.”,
“There is no enemy. Its all within.” , 
“I believe in boundary-free world. Enemy is also human” etc…,

you are inflicted by fake spirituality.

World without आततायी is impossible. And getting killed by आततायी , without resisting, is not acceptable to Veda.

गुरुं व बालवृद्धौ वा ब्राह्मणं वा बहुश्रुतम् |
आततायिनमायान्तं हन्यादे वाविचारयन् || 8/350 ||

Be it a teacher (गुरुं), or child(बाल), or an elder (वृद्धौ), or very learned Brahmin (ब्राह्मणं वा बहुश्रुतम्), if they become terrorists (आततायी) by forsaking dharma and killing innocents, kill them without forethought (वाविचारयन् )and think later.

गनाततायिवधे दोषो हन्तुर्भवति कश्चन |
प्रकाशं वाप्रकाशं वा मन्युस्तं मन्य्मृच्छति || 8/351 ||

It is not a sin (दोषो) to kill terrorist (आततायी). Overt (प्रकाशं) and covert (वाप्रकाशं) method to kill him. But it should be remembered that only king is authorized to do this duty. If every individual starts applying this law then it will lead to chaos.

अभि गोत्राणि सहसा गाह्रमानोsदयो वीर: शतमन्युरिन्द्र: ।
दुश्चयवन: पृतनाषाडयुध्योSस्माकं सेना अवतु प्र युत्सु ।।
शुक्ल यजुर्वेद १७.३९

The dirtiest action should be carried out by the most honest men– Dagan


Fail often, fail early


Never take shortcuts. Fail often, fail fast. In Hindu culture, we call it manthan. Churning. Churning results in nectar. Finetuning is necessary.



When learning something new, there are instances where trial and error helps rather than hinders, according to recent findings by Baycrest researchers.

Contrary to popular belief, when a person makes a mistake while learning, it improves their memory for the right information, but only if the error is close to the correct answer, according to a study published in the journal, Memory.

“Our research found evidence that mistakes that are a ‘near miss’ can help a person learn the information better than if no errors were made at all,” says Dr. Nicole Anderson, senior author on the paper and senior scientist at Baycrest’s Rotman Research Institute. “These types of errors can serve as stepping stones to remembering the right answer. But if the error made is a wild guess and out in left field, then a person does not learn the correct information as easily.”

These findings could help with improving education for not only younger adults, but also late-life learners.

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