तत्र क्षेत्रे ब्रह्मभूमीरुहाढ्यं वारिस्फारं यत्कुशाङ्कूरकीर्णं ।
रम्यं यच्च श्वेतमृत्स्नासमेतं तद्व्याचष्टे ब्राह्मं इत्यष्टमूर्तिः । । १.९

It is Brahman land where there are ample trees, ample water sources and where majority color is पांडू or white.


Brahmi - Essential for intellectuals/Researchers
Brahmi – Essential for intellectuals/Researchers


If you live where there are ample water bodies, it is natural that you have intellectual bent of mind. You are gifted with Brahman mind.

(Rivers, ponds, marshlands = Kashmir, Bengal, Kerala, Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Godavari…got the hint? )

Since there will be excessive use of brain, there will be more cases of brain fatigue too.

Prakriti Maa is very kind. She gave Brahmi as medicine. It is a so-called ‘weed’ which is found growing wild in marshlands and reservoirs, and near the banks of rivers and lakes all over India.

“A double blind clinical test was conducted on thirty mentally retarded children, who were free from epilepsy and other neurological conditions, to study the effect of the drug extracted from Indian pennywort (brahmi) on general mental ability. The results indicated a significant improvement in both general ability and behavioural patterns when the drug was administered for a short period of twelve weeks.” – Book Medicinal plants of India

Patients suffering from protein deficiencies and nervous disorders are administered drugs extracted from Brahmi. Modern clinical tests have studied the anabolic effect of these drugs, proving that they increase red blood corpuscles, vital capacity, and total protein, while the increase in the haemoglobin percentage is statistically significant. Brahmi cools the brain and calms the heart, thus helping to guard against heart attacks. Brahmi ghee is an important medicine for both the mind and heart.

It is coolant for intellectual minds. If you are overusing your brain, you must have it in your backyard. Very essential.

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