मूढ़ हिन्दू and Tacit acceptance of रासलीला to लवरात्रि



So, now they are coming with more pervertness. What is going on in name of Navratri in Gujarat is not praise-worthy. Cultural derangement where abortion cases increase after Navratri.

This is what I wrote 3 years back:

मूढ़ हिन्दू (Mudha Hindu – MH) is very special category. Unfortunately, they are in majority among the hindus. No self-respect, no strength. Timid and insect-type.

Adult MH idiots under the influence of Bollywood are worse. They are gone case but they corrupt future generations as well. They will, with their children, dance on these idiotic lyrics in family functions and parties.

कुडियो का नशा प्यारे नशा सबसे नशीला है
जिसे देखू यहाँ वो हुस्न की बारिश में गिला है
इश्क के नाम पे करते सभी अब रासलीला है
मै करू तो साला कैरेक्टर ढीला है
हो मै करू तो साला कैरेक्टर ढीला है
लडको का नशा प्यारे नशा सब से नशीला है
जिसे देखू यहाँ वो हुस्न की बारिश में गिला है
इश्क के नाम पे करते सभी अब रासलीला है
मै करू तो साला कैरेक्टर ढीला है
हो मै करू तो साला कैरेक्टर ढीला है

These मूढ़ give Janamasthami wishes like “Happy Birthday Casanova”

I really don’t consider them Hindu anymore. And hence, we are in minority.

No community with self-respect would glorify insults to their soul, their hero, their essential तत्वज्ञान. Even if I don’t understand depth of रासलीला , I won’t tolerate this.

Yes, you may not be able to ban this shit but you can at least let it die without publicity.

Remember one thing: रासपञ्चाध्यायी – the five chapters of श्रीमद्भागवत पुराण दशमः स्कन्धः are intense! They ends with this “हृद्रोगमाश्वपहिनोत्यचिरेण धीरः” – it means, whoever will read them, will become काम मुक्त| And you mock your God as कामोद्दीपक ?

Think about it. Educate fellow Hindus. Cultural and moral degradation happen silently. By the time we will realize, it will be too late.

Bollywood’s Hero : Heroic for infatuation? No sublime chase?



This is how it works in Bollywood. Even the most inspiring motivational flicks have love-angle. A hero warrior or sports person, chasing dream to prove himself in front of girl’s family or girl herself.

Why can’t we showcase something sublime in Hero’s life. Especially when it is about real life hero?

Take for example: Famous movie Bahubali or latest movie on the life hockey player (where at least, it is shown that the player was disillusioned later and played for the sake of nation). It all started by attraction game.

I would climb the rock for sublime goals and not for inquisitiveness for some selfish biological urge. No matter how innocent yet powerful I am. Yes, the chase may display highest state of valor and fearlessness but still something is lacking. (Excuse my perfection-urge).

Chasing sea for selfless cause to save motherly figure is sublime goal.
Flying to find herb to save fatherly figure is a sublime cause.
Fighting for dharma is a sublime cause.
Raising child for the cause of dharma is a sublime cause.

Sublime chase is difficult to pen down by humans. So the love chase. You need Daivik blessings. And you also need to think about box office collection 😉 . You get no buyers of sublime cause nowadays. 🙂

PS: do not take this as a criticism of movie. I just wanted to remind how sublime goals can instill real valor and fearlessness. We have ample examples. From Hanuman to Shivaji. So while you enjoy the filmi valor, do not limit your imagination, try to live for sublime goal and see the magic. Same filmi valor and effortless fearlessness will become real. You will live fearless life. Think about it.

Perversion of Childhood in Media driven society

 Growing up in a Pornified Culture, & New Victory in the Moveme_2 Growing up in a Pornified Culture, & New Victory in the Moveme
Thanks to media’s dubious portrayal of the labor class during Dec 2012 rape coverage, everyone started seeing them with different outlook as if rapes are always done by drivers and domestic help.
And since when #BBC The propaganda machine has broadcast documentary, every Indian man is considered potential rapist.
But do not forget one thing: Higher middle class and upper class have more sexual torture stories then the lower classes of the society.
Check this news from UK. Children are playing rape game! I have seen similar attitude in Indian children.
Do you know the reason?
Early exposure to porn. Rape news bombarding. Sometimes live porn in bedroom due to lascivious uncontrolled parents.
Even after reading this stats, if you still think that there is no correlation between obscene entertainment (Bollywood,Hollywood ) and sexual crimes, I doubt and suggest you to do check up with psychiatrist.
Every second – $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography.
Every second – 28,258 internet users are viewing pornography.
Every second – 372 internet users are typing adult search terms into search engines.
Every 39 minutes: a new pornographic video is being created in the United States
If you are not aware, let me share some facts that the dirty porn business is monopolized by Jews. Sunny Leone’s husband is a Jew, who used to be a porn star. Now he is into producing XXX blue movies with his own wife. Mahesh Bhatt is their agent in India. (Read more here: and here:
Word ‘Porn’ has become common in Indian households in last decade. Still, liberals and intellectually fat arrogant think that there is no relation between entertainment and assault crimes.
As early as possible, disinfect your family and friends from BC virus. There is no vaccine for mind virus once they take hold of you. Spend more with nature. Spend more time in skilled entertainment. Say NO to passive entertainment. Save our society from becoming yet another US society where Adult store next to petrol pump is normal, where rapes happen more frequently than in India.

Culture of Violent Web-Series and Making of Zombies

I wrote this post 5 years back but I think it was ahead of time. Many friends called be fanatic for it.


There is new trend. What you can’t produce as multiplex movies due to censor board, produce them as web-series. There is no censor but you get maximum views. Even teens and kids will watch it as there is hardly any parental control in tech-illiterate society with no moral duties.

Trend of showing psychopath (a person with an antisocial personality disorder) led gross violence is increasing in retarded Bollywood (Gangs of wasseypur type).

Now the point is: As per study, there is a link between less functioning brain/mind of young adult whose brain development is still going on (age under 25) and interest in such psycho violence. (Link in first comment on post)

There are two possible conclusions.

1) Either violence disturbs brain development -> confused youth
2) Or due to pathetic food intake (Fast food) and lack of parenting, youth take interest in such retarded psycho movies and that further lead to slow down of brain development.

In either case, it is loss-loss situation. It only increases confused and psychos in society. And are we surprised about crimes against women? We shouldn’t be.


1) Make sure your teen boy and girl eat right food. At least you should control it.
2) If possible, explain them side effects of remaining in influence of retarded or psycho perceptions.


Exposure to TV Violence Related to Irregular Attention and Brain Structure

“We found that the more violent TV viewing a participant reported, the worse they performed on tasks of attention and cognitive control,” Dr. Hummer said. “On the other hand, the overall amount of TV watched was not related to performance on any executive function tests.”

Dr. Hummer noted that these executive functioning abilities can be important for controlling impulsive behaviors, including aggression. “The worry is that more impulsivity does not mix well with the behaviors modeled in violent programming.”

Tests that measured working memory, another subtype of executive functioning, were not found to be related to overall or violent TV viewing.

Comparing TV habits to brain images also produced results that Dr. Hummer and colleagues believe are significant.

“When we looked at the brain scans of young men with higher violent television exposure, there was less volume of white matter connecting the frontal and parietal lobes, which can be a sign of less maturity in brain development,” he said.

White matter is tissue in the brain that insulates nerve fibers connecting different brain regions, making functioning more efficient. In typical development, the amount or volume of white matter increases as the brain makes more connections until about age 30, improving communication between regions of the brain. Connections between the frontal and parietal lobes are thought to be especially important for executive functioning.

“The take-home message from this study is the finding of a relationship between how much violent television we watch and important aspects of brain functioning like controlled attention and inhibition,” Dr. Hummer said.

The Gossip Nation and self-destruction



Tsunami of twitter jokes, poor jokers in ruling part in delhi, flood of stand up comedies with poor taste, Bollywood, Cricket. This mindless cacophony resembles to last state of Yadava clan after Mahabhrata War. Despite God’s warning, foolhardiness persisted which resulted in annihilation of rich Yadava culture. Even same happened with Romans.

It looks like that culture and literacy, in the final stage of decline, are replaced with noisy diversions and empty clichés. Since American culture is globalized now, average Indian Youth in metros and urban centers lives in a world where fantasy is more real than reality, where the image has more dignity than the original. For this clan of youth, sensual pleasure is an overriding obsessions. And youth is the one that lead the future.

It is certain to me, we are at the beginning of the end. Clan of selfless should focus more on constructive activities. Silent transformation. Do not wait for an indication about the end. Let there be slow but steady transformation, soul by soul, one by one.

Beauty/Art is necessity but not with indoctrination of wickedness



Original Note:

To install Nature’s reflection in our otherwise mundane life, Art is necessity. Deva(s) (Senses) get nurtured best when life’s different aspects are pursued artistically. That includes food, clothes, ornaments, home, city, vehicles, literature. Aesthetics is need of fulfilled life. But when ART becomes symbol of amusement and dalliance, it loses all her benefits. And so Art which brings death to life by amusements and indulgence must be desisted, at individual level as well as at societal level. And so we must boycott Bollywood and allied perverted branches of Art.

If you wish to see धर्म संस्थापनाय in reality, start now. Boycott Bollywood and their pervert ideas.


न रूपं पापवृतये – Kalidasa (Kumarasambhava)
Beauty/Art is necessity but not with indoctrination of wickedness

PS: While Kalidasa correctly conveys what form of art is appreciable, many modern Artists propagates their pervertedness by comparing their cheap art with Kalidasa! How shameful!

Real art is born of divine spark and is hence touch our reality which is soul and not mind.

“That which merely entertains and shocks cannot be art. However, boycotting may not be the solution as long as audience too prefers to dwell in the senses, since they have not yet had even a glimpse of divinity within.”

“Yes, boycotting is reactive solution. Not ultimate. May by boycott, there will be enough space and time in our lives to spend for divinity glimpse.”


Making of Condom Generation: Pervert Bollywood’s Silent Memes



Dec 26, 2014

Meme: a cultural unit (an idea, value or pattern of behavior) that is passed from one person to another by non-genetic means


Movie PK will be known, not only for its cheap and childish logic to bash Hindu rituals but it will also be known as movie which played subtle role in converting youth into sex animals.

As per my friend, movie has several scenes where sex is trivialized. ‘Dancing Car’ (couple doing sex in car in open) is the poison meme. This is repeated several times in the story and showed that it is common in India. Having sex in car in open is common in India. Or it is okay to do it.

Another meme is related to natural secrecy people maintain about possession or buying condom. Movie shows that, it is okay to enjoy sex as many time as you want, with condom. And you should not feel shy about it. Be open. Have sex.

Third one is about sex before marriage. Movie’s main lead characters fall in love and are shown having sex during their college life. Before actually they realize that they love each other.

This is quite dangerous then ritual bashing.

Can you imagine the consequences?

Some conclusion gullible subconscious minds derive after watching movie:

– illicit relations are okay
– sex perversion is okay
– be open about sex


Now don’t complain when some teen-age boy sees you and your wife coming out of car in secluded area, as being customer and a prostitute, and his staring at your wife for all perverted imaginations. Well, this is already happening due to so far sick bollywood movies we had in past 2 decades. But movies like PK accelerates this perversion.

Doubt about role of Bollywood in degrading society’s dharma quotient?



Many friends have dual mind about role of Bollywood in degrading धार्मिक भारत into म्लेच्छ भारत |

They argue:

“Oh! It is just Bollywood of present times which is worse.”

My response:

“When you are on drugs, you always need a new normal. Bollywood is like such drugs. What present Bollywood is doing to youth is what it did to youth in 50s and 60s with milder dosage. It is same drugs. Drug that kills the whatsoever residual of धर्मं element in common mass. Indeed, your present drug dosage will give you an impression that what you took at first is nothing! but that does not change the nature of the drug! It is drug!”

Bollywood since inception is designed to kill the dharma-psyche. नाट्यशास्त्र principles are forgotten year by year. But it was never aligned with it since inception.

I will never appreciate this medium. It is drug that kills. It kills dharma. I don’t see them as “Some positive, more negative” yardstick.

Bollywood – Life degenerating, against the principles of Natya-shashtra



Purpose of Natya Shashtra (science and art of stage performance) is to remind way of living to the viewers by performances. What are performances? Dummy demonstrations of life. Theme always used to be defeat of Evil by the will and power of Good.

On the other hand, each Bollywood movie presents life-degenerating demonstrations. Making fun of Good and glorifying evil. In movies like Rang de basanti,good dies in the end, defeated by evil. Subconsciously, it instills fear in young minds that do not revolt..or you will be silenced. It pumps more animal instincts in you. Certainly not a worthy of spending short and critical life given to us.

न तज्ज्ञानं न तच्छिल्पं न सा विद्या न सा कला ।
नासौ योगो न तत्कर्मंनाट्येऽस्मिन् यन्न दृश्यते ।।
कोई ज्ञान, कोई शिल्प, कोई विद्या, कोई कला, कोई योग, कोई कर्म ऐसा नहीं है, जो नाट्य में दिखाई न देता हो।
No Wisdom, No Craftsmanship, No Knowledge of Subject, No Arts, No Yoga, No Work which is not seen in Dance(Natya). – Natya Shastra, 1-116

Our folklores, poems and stories were never written for the sake of providing entertainment. Take any scholastic work beyond Ramayana and Mahabharata, you will find reference to niti shashtra, Ayurved and other terrains of life.

Totally opposite to this purpose, current form of Bollywood is so destructive in nature that it consumes all senses at full throttle and yet there is no benefit produced. Time wasting and life destructive activity. This is the fundamental reason why external sensuality focused Bollywood is useless to society and I will keep opposing it.

#BoycottPk and all filthy versions of Bollywood. Save your and your next generations minds from soft perversion. Don’t be soft target of evil design.

Mind you, the eternal symbols prevails despite mockery. It is you and your society who will be kept away from benefits. So boycott of a movie or bollywood is won’t save culture but it will save your soul for sure.

I am not in favor of ban. Ban shows your insecurity. You don’t need to be insecure. Participate. Boycott.

Bollywood and Making of चरसी generation


What Bollywood’s (or its fund raisers, who also fund media, online media and social media) mission for 2020?

Mission Drug Usage Normalisation.

It is India where youth is still not taking enough drugs compare to world [1]. And since it is biggest population with demographic dividend, it is great business hub for drugs.

Look at the movies produced in last 2 years. All of them show drug as new status symbol. New IN thing.

One of the most important questions regarding media effects concerns the extent to which people may be immune to influence when they are aware that portrayals are fictional. This becomes very critical in case of children as for them, even real world is like fantasy. It becomes very critical when the content presented is explicit as it sex is a domain of imagination and fantasy. So when they are exposed to explicit content more often, they develop a version of psyche where there is hardly chance to distinguish real from virtual.

More exposure of TV (or any medium that blurs their lines of virtual vs. Real) to children, more chances of them becoming perverted adults. Degree of perversion vary with how positive environment is provided to them to counter and extinguish such negative experiences.

In the era of Internet and communication, you really don’t need to do much. Just coin new level of pervert idea, be it about drugs or alcohol or sex and then add it as joke in Bollywood movie or FMCG ad. That is it.

The next level of spread is by You-tubers and Whatsapp marketers. They will create more artefacts based on original idea.

Within 2-3 months, it will be normalised. Like how Condom and social drinking/smoking is new normal in college going students, drug and pedophilia are next missions for Bollywood.

Punjab is already succumbed to Drug menace. Other border states like Gujarat and Rajasthan, are also observing it.[2]

Enjoy the outcomes of विकास. Don’t complain when your school going teen boy or girl come home guilty of unimagined act(s). We as a society sow the seeds.

“It costs one-twentieth the price of cocaine, is not banned and can be home delivered. No wonder then that mephedrone or ‘meow meow’ is wreaking havoc in the lives of city youth, who are increasingly getting addicted to this latest entrant into the party drugs scene”

This is not scare you or spread fear but to warn and remain vigilant about food.

If you have college going youth at home or in neighbor, I advice you to instruct him/her to stop eating food in college canteen (Not hostel mess where one can have close control and observations) and near by hotels.

A friend’s brother got sudden tightening of muscles. Only thing he included in routine was to eat bataka-paua at canteen. He stopped it and things became normal within a month.

As per information I got, possible usage of steroids or similar additives is found. Take care.

Eating home food or preparing food for self or eating only at known trusted places. Take care.





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