Dec 26, 2014

Meme: a cultural unit (an idea, value or pattern of behavior) that is passed from one person to another by non-genetic means


Movie PK will be known, not only for its cheap and childish logic to bash Hindu rituals but it will also be known as movie which played subtle role in converting youth into sex animals.

As per my friend, movie has several scenes where sex is trivialized. ‘Dancing Car’ (couple doing sex in car in open) is the poison meme. This is repeated several times in the story and showed that it is common in India. Having sex in car in open is common in India. Or it is okay to do it.

Another meme is related to natural secrecy people maintain about possession or buying condom. Movie shows that, it is okay to enjoy sex as many time as you want, with condom. And you should not feel shy about it. Be open. Have sex.

Third one is about sex before marriage. Movie’s main lead characters fall in love and are shown having sex during their college life. Before actually they realize that they love each other.

This is quite dangerous then ritual bashing.

Can you imagine the consequences?

Some conclusion gullible subconscious minds derive after watching movie:

– illicit relations are okay
– sex perversion is okay
– be open about sex


Now don’t complain when some teen-age boy sees you and your wife coming out of car in secluded area, as being customer and a prostitute, and his staring at your wife for all perverted imaginations. Well, this is already happening due to so far sick bollywood movies we had in past 2 decades. But movies like PK accelerates this perversion.