To create cognitive dissonance for own culture, popular Cinema produces two types of movies.

1) Movies that spreads mind viruses against the local culture with comic or sentimental touch e.g. PK
2) Movies that spreads so called rational and nationalist viruses in young urban population e.g. Baby

Both are worrisome trends. Do we really need movies to teach desh-prem and nationalism? Have our senses become so crippled that we seek such stimulation?

The trend is similar to what happened in South Korea. In South Korea, the movie industry was taken over by US MNC-owners by 1970s, By 1980, the movie industry was churning out movies where hero used to be nationalist, but non-religious.

Later, heroes were nationalist and anti-Buddhist. And later, heroes were nationalist, very religious but non-Buddhist, and anti-Buddhist and villains were mostly devout Buddhist.

And final scenes where non-Buddhist hero beats Buddhist villains will have murti of Buddha in background !!!

And yes, hero will always be nationalist.


Now analyze Bollywood movies in past 30 years. Starting with Amitabh era to latest Amir and Salman era.

If you still can’t get rid of your Bollywood obsession, God bless our motherland.