In one recent movie (I think Dabaang as per my young friends who watched it and gave me feedback), there is a scene where filthy Salman Khan goes to see a doctor with pregnant wife Sonakshi. And in indirect speech, he asks doctor whether it is safe to have sex during pregnancy or not. Doctor replies ” Karo karo…up to 6 months…enjoy!”

Now this is subtle virus injected in mass psyche. Though the scene is of mere 20 seconds, it leaves powerful impact on subconscious minds of young generation. Turning them into sex animals. Even at the critical stage of life i.e. pregnancy.

Pregnancy demand strict celibacy for both would-be parents until at least child is breastfed. This is to avoid any sort of hormonal impact at physical level and mental impact at mind level. Sex is very energy consuming act at all layers of body. Imagine the impact on child.

But now since pervert Bollywood has injected it as mind virus, you will see more and more feeble generations in future due to sex starved parents.

This is subtle but extreme example. Lot many casual things are polluting us via popular mediums in the absence of moral teaching at school level. Take care.