If your spiritual inclination induces impotency and inactivity as a resultant sum of change, it is fake. Do reality check.

Examples: If these are your slogans —
“Non-violence is a great weapon.”,
“There is no enemy. Its all within.” , 
“I believe in boundary-free world. Enemy is also human” etc…,

you are inflicted by fake spirituality.

World without आततायी is impossible. And getting killed by आततायी , without resisting, is not acceptable to Veda.

गुरुं व बालवृद्धौ वा ब्राह्मणं वा बहुश्रुतम् |
आततायिनमायान्तं हन्यादे वाविचारयन् || 8/350 ||

Be it a teacher (गुरुं), or child(बाल), or an elder (वृद्धौ), or very learned Brahmin (ब्राह्मणं वा बहुश्रुतम्), if they become terrorists (आततायी) by forsaking dharma and killing innocents, kill them without forethought (वाविचारयन् )and think later.

गनाततायिवधे दोषो हन्तुर्भवति कश्चन |
प्रकाशं वाप्रकाशं वा मन्युस्तं मन्य्मृच्छति || 8/351 ||

It is not a sin (दोषो) to kill terrorist (आततायी). Overt (प्रकाशं) and covert (वाप्रकाशं) method to kill him. But it should be remembered that only king is authorized to do this duty. If every individual starts applying this law then it will lead to chaos.

अभि गोत्राणि सहसा गाह्रमानोsदयो वीर: शतमन्युरिन्द्र: ।
दुश्चयवन: पृतनाषाडयुध्योSस्माकं सेना अवतु प्र युत्सु ।।
शुक्ल यजुर्वेद १७.३९

The dirtiest action should be carried out by the most honest men– Dagan