Brahmcharya for Grihastha is to follow Grihastha Dharma in most simpler terms. For example, one must keep control (physical and mental) of Kama in prescribed times i.e. while baby feeding is ON (This disturbs hormonal balance physically and corrupts psyche of a kid mentally) .


People talk about Brahmcharya. Brahmcharya for students so that they can excel. Brahmcharya for Sanyasin so that they remain on path of Sadhana. Less is talked about Brahmcharya for Grihasthi. It is equally critical.

Nation pays heavy price for not following this critical norm of living ideal life.

Result of indulged society and leaders?

1) Frequent Tharoor episodes (Affair with ISI agent as alleged by his wife) -> National Security jeopardized
2) Frequent destruction of family institution -> Damaged society -> Damaged Nation
3) Ailing personal health -> Lack of courage and creativity -> Nation full of Unproductive and Slaves
4) Corruption of growing children’s psyche (due to uncontrolled parents) -> Future Citizens as slaves -> Damaged Nation
5) Corruption at source -> Sex during pregnancy -> deformed and defective children -> Burden on society

Moral degradation is early sign of annihilation. Face it or cure it. It will take at least 2-3 generations of monumental work.

To begin with, curtail your love for entertainment at personal and family level. Take it to the next level. Let your friends and relatives get sanitized. Stress more on child development. Let them do not repeat your foolish mistakes. Participate in Nation-development by breeding bold, courageous and intelligent future citizens.