“Inflamed skin or tumor arrive much later. It starts with inflamed GUT, due to indigestible food intake, irregular meal timing.”



य: शास्त्रविधिमुत्सृज्य वर्तते कामकारत: ।
न स सिद्धिमवाप्नोति न सुखं न परां गतिम् ॥23॥

जो पुरुष शास्त्र विधि को त्याग कर अपनी इच्छा से मनमाना आचरण करता है, वह न सिद्धि को प्राप्त होता है, न परमगति को और न सुख को ही ॥23॥

Having cast aside the injunctions of the scriptures, he who acts in an arbitrary way according to his own sweet will neither attains perfection nor the supreme goal nor even happiness.(23)

Bhagwad Gita says: शास्त्र-अविवेक leads life nowhere. No glory, no happiness and not even self-realization.

आयुर्वेद is a शास्त्र related to body. Without body, there is no life.

Ignoring life-routine suggested by आयुर्वेद is nothing but शास्त्र-अविवेक or deliberately ignoring life habits prescribed for body by आयुर्वेद due to either arrogance, ignorance or haste. This invites sicknesses.

Can we pursue happiness with sick and weak body? Forget happiness, can we even pursue wealth with sick and weal body/mind? Even if you have the wealth, can you enjoy it with sick and weak body?

Go back to roots. Study Ayurveda. Consult Vaidhya. Design ideal life-routine, food habits for you as per your prakriti. Try to follow it.