Managing Sickness : संस्कृति Approach vs Civilization Approach


“Where nature is, there is health; where *Civilization is there is diseases.”
– E E Printon

Civilization here is a outcome of human arrogance which does not see nature as Mother but tries to control Nature by exploring it.

Reason why I insist संस्कृति and not civilization.

Managing Sickness : संस्कृति Approach vs Civilization Approach

Ultimate objective of mother nature behind all her actions, is not to punish her children or teach a lesson but to firmly ingrain in their minds the importance of staying within the limits of dharma. So like our mothers, she is always caring and loving towards her children but whose love sometimes takes the form of anger and even punishment.

My culture teaches me – Instead of studying diseases, finding root causes behind them with reductionist attitude ( X event occurred because Y happened in past type conclusions of modern medicine, without considering whole set of complex events that happen in environment and our peers’ lives) , learn preventive care, contemplate on this observations about prevention, and try to live life as per dharma based regime.

And if you fail to prevent disease despite all preventive cares, accept the condition with smile and surrender to mother nature. She has all remedies for her beloved. She had given your body, she knows the remedy too.

Ayurveda teaches concept of स्वभावोपरम principle. Body will tend to restore self to own स्वभाव, own birth prakriti. We as a caretaker of body, only need to provide conductive environment by controlling food, sleep and actions.

Love your life, love your trillion cells



Meditation or self-realization becomes easy if you contemplate on massive work going on in your body to sustain your life! All cells working selflessly to sustain you! Just for the sheer love for you!! And a wish that you will do something good for the world!! Ultimate positive outlook is in your body cells! 🙂

Yes! Once you realize this, it is natural to live more sensitive life.

There are trillions of cells that make up your body. For the moment I want you to think about just one. That one cell is incredibly busy. In just the last second there were over 100,000 chemical reactions that occurred in this cell. Now, step back and consider your body as a whole. The sheer volume of activity happening inside you at any given moment is almost incomprehensible. With so much information being processed all at once, it’s fair to ask how it all works.

Think about it! Love your life. Love the most precious gift i.e. Body. Wish we don’t succumb to our whims and fancies, obsessions, addictions, passions and take life as it comes with balanced and more humane ways!


Machine View of Body



Like their counterparts, medical science of our age is in form of reductionism; cornering one gene causing disease, generalizing symptoms, and finding solutions in chemicals.

All organisms are spatial units in which the various parts interact to form an integrated whole. Our ability to breath depends on the interplay between our nervous system, muscles, skeleton, and lungs. The function of our lungs depends on the composition of the mucus that lines its walls. The composition of the mucus depends on the proteins that transport negatively charged chloride ions. Changes in just one element of this integrated system can have disastrous consequences. Least we talk about other layers of consciousness (We talked about it several times).

So, when you treat one symptom with same standard operating procedure, chances are that you will fail more often. If you succeed, you never can foresee future consequences of actions taken with limited worldview.

True science can treat patients on individual basis. My root cause of viral fever is different from yours. Mr. XYZ’s cancer is his exclusive life journey. We must not generalize, instead we should use general pathways to find exact root cause. Imagine, if root is in mental plane and you treat it at physical level. Diseases will resurface, again and again.

And to diagnose patient individually is not mere science. It is art. It is nature’s blessing. It is specialized skill. Without Sadhana, it is difficult to get blessed.

One more शरद gone, don’t wake up for spike!

This Hemant (हेमंत २०१६), many co-workers started showing interest in food related posts. They demanded writing in Hindi for blog posts.
I was not surprised for this sudden ह्रदय परिवर्तन 🙂
Some of them had Dengue in Sharad(शरद २०१६), 1 typhoid and 1 jaundice. Just recovered so I can imagine that “Being Healthy Virus of mind” that occasionally afflicts us and force us for few days to do right things for body.एक और शरद चला गया , लो फिर दूध उफन गया !
All Sanatana Dharma scriptures talks about dissolving false ego ‘I’ or अहंकार. There is nothing like ‘I’. It is your false ego. There is indeed thin line by which you can recognize end of you and start of environment.
शरीरमाद्यं खलु धर्मसाधनम् ।
शरीर धर्म पालन का पहला साधन है ।
Not eating food your body wants, not doing exercise, taking too much stress,taking mindless chemicals in form of medicines — All of these are Karmic crimes against lower worlds serving as your body!!
शुभ रात्रि |
First suggestion from my side to these co-workers and friends was: “Wake up before sunrise”
“हमममम..हमसे ना हो पायेगा!”

Being deserted vs being barren


Sharing old note on diseases.

Being deserted vs being barren




adjective: deserted
(of a place) empty of people.
“deserted beaches of soft sand”


abandon (a person, cause, or organization) in a way considered disloyal or treacherous.

Deserted place is an opportunity for mother nature to perform clean up job.

Your body is in Deserted state when you continously ignore it and one fine day, you detect the flu or ulcer or cancer!

Instead of deserted, let it be desert for non-self (Viruses or bacteria.

H1N1,Dengue, HIV are powerful, let they be.

Howsoever potent the germ may be, they will not be able to produce disease in human body unless the tissues of the body are fertile (vitiated) enough to accept them (germs) and help in their growth and multiplication. Killing these germs by administering medicine would solve problem temporarily, no permanently. It may give instant relief but for time being. We cannot live in an absolutely germ-free environment even though we get such germ-free feeling by our attempts to minimize germs. The only thing that can be done safely is to keep the body tissues barren and unsympathetic towards these germs, as long as possible. And if there is attack, fight by self instead seeking solace in medicines! If medicines are required, take for tissue conditioning and not for killing invading army.


Vitamin Supplement Gimmick : Research found no benefits



Pharma is business. All businesses need Gillette model for recurring business and profit. So they created daily needs and turned healthy humans into patients.

Some models I could catch easily are:

1) Vitamin Supplements

2) Statins

3) Insulin

4) Vaccines

Time-tested proven models. Working best for last 50 years.

5 years back, this is what I wrote in social media:


And my doctor friends had hard time accepting it!

Read this latest research.

What is solution?

  • Remain connected with pure or relatively pure air, water and food sources.
  • Don’t waste your prana by overdoing certain activities like
    • Eating for the tongue-lust, not aligned with season and age
    • Excess exercise, not aligned with season
    • Eat wholesome food. Regularly. Local food.


Most popular vitamin and mineral supplements provide no health benefit, study finds

“We were surprised to find so few positive effects of the most common supplements that people consume,” said Dr. David Jenkins*, the study’s lead author. “Our review found that if you want to use multivitamins, vitamin D, calcium or vitamin C, it does no harm — but there is no apparent advantage either.”

The authors identified individual randomized controlled trials from previous meta-analyses and additional searches, and then performed meta-analyses on cardiovascular disease outcomes and all-cause mortality. The authors assessed publications from 2012, both before and including the U.S. Preventive Service Task Force review. Their systematic reviews and meta-analyses showed generally moderate- or low-quality evidence for preventive benefits (folic acid for total cardiovascular disease, folic acid and B-vitamins for stroke), no effect (multivitamins, vitamins C, D, β-carotene, calcium, and selenium), or increased risk (antioxidant mixtures and niacin [with a statin] for all-cause mortality). Conclusive evidence for the benefit of any supplement across all dietary backgrounds (including deficiency and sufficiency) was not demonstrated; therefore, any benefits seen must be balanced against possible risks.


Body as Ecology, Gut as Forest and Restoration as Cure


Body is not only ecology system. Like our mother earth, it also has self-healing attribute!

If we talk about Svabhavaparam-स्वभावोपरम principle of Ayurveda, educated arrogant Indians see it as DESI and inferior guess-work. But when a western university scientist talk about it with modern terminology, it is cool, trendy and perfect!

Probiotic food, Rama, Ravana and Dussehra

स्वभावोपरम : Principle of Self-healing

To return to stable state is not only nature of the human body but our mother earth and all her children. What we need to administer is nothing but a support for speedy recovery.

Chronic diseases of modern times are result of torture, be it mental or physical. We see body as machine and ignore it for first 30 years. And when it is in aging route, we start feeling different issues! Body also tries to restore normal state but since aging and torture, both are at work, we often see premature deaths.

Here is the interesting paper and perspective. Hope we learn from it.


OSU biologist advocates ecological approach to improving human health

Chronic diseases like cancer, autoimmune disorders and obesity may ultimately vanquish the efforts of medical intervention unless people change their diet, an Oregon State University biologist argues in a paper published this week.

“I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and put on a monoclonal antibody inhibitor for life,” he said. “Except that I cleaned up my diet, stopped getting the gut irritation, cut out the monoclonal antibody inhibitor, and my symptoms are gone. Two doctors overturned the Crohn’s diagnosis in writing.

“All of that inspired me to think about ways that my knowledge of restoration ecology might help to guide physicians away from treating and misdiagnosing other people the way that they had treated and misdiagnosed me.”

Gut microbes perform a wide range of beneficial functions. Among other things, they produce nutrients in the form of short-chain fatty acids and vitamins, control blood sugar and weight, reduce inflammation and even improve mental health and psychological well-being.

And as with natural habitats, where successful restoration techniques will vary from year to year and place to place depending on individual circumstances, gut restoration requires a similar approach – one toward personalized medicine given that no two gut sets of gut microbiota are identical.

Except for that they’re all essential to the person’s health and all subject to disturbances, including the food people eat and the medicine they take.

“Nineteenth-century research identified microbes as agents of disease and set the stage for 20th-century breakthroughs in antibiotic therapies,” Orr said. “But antibiotic resistance is now a global crisis, and we’re also now aware that antimicrobials can harm beneficial species too.”

Protein Delusion and The Chicken Butter Masala Generation

plant Diet
Sorry to say but,we, the Indian Educated class, is dumbest in the world!
Traditionally meat eating countries are changing their habit while Indians are changing their healthy habits!! (Germany banned recently.)
Rajiv Malhotra shared
“If India banned meat it would be called saffronization. But since Germany did it on scientific grounds, it becomes “progressive and liberal” for Indians suffering inferiority complex. “
Chicken butter masala generation! 😀 lol Deserve the blow! Be ready for it!
Idiotic mimicry of diet!!
Even those for whom meat is local food, they are not worried about animal farming based meat!!
The roles of different dietary proteins in the aetiology of type 2 diabetes (T2D) remain unclear. We investigated the associations of dietary proteins with the risk of incident T2D in Finnish men from the prospective Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study. The study included 2332 men aged 42–60 years at the baseline examinations in 1984–1989. Protein intakes were calculated from 4-d dietary records. Incident T2D was determined by self-administered questionnaires, fasting blood glucose measurements, 2-h oral glucose tolerance tests, and with national registers. The multivariable-adjusted risk of T2D on the basis of protein intakes was compared by the Cox proportional hazard ratios (HR). During the mean follow-up of 19·3 years, 432 incident T2D cases were identified. Total, animal, meat or dairy product protein intakes were not associated with risk of T2D when the potential confounders were accounted for. Plant (multivariable-adjusted extreme-quartile HR 0·65; 95 % CI 0·42, 1·00; P trend 0·04) and egg (HR 0·67; 95 % CI 0·44, 1·00; P trend 0·03) protein intakes were associated with a decreased risk of T2D. Adjustments for BMI, plasma glucose and serum insulin slightly attenuated associations. Replacing 1 % energy from carbohydrates with energy from protein was associated with a 5 % (95 % CI 0, 11) increased risk of T2D, but adjustment for fibre intake attenuated the association. Replacing 1 % of energy from animal protein with energy from plant protein was associated with 18 % (95 % CI 0, 32) decreased risk of T2D. This association remained after adjusting for BMI. In conclusion, favouring plant and egg proteins appeared to be beneficial in preventing T2D.
Side note about meat and antibiotics
Vipin Gupta shared this yesterday:
चिकेन खाना बंद करें
कल एक मुल्ला जी मेरे पास आए अपनी 99 किलो की बेग़म को लेकर। आते ही कहने लगे – डाकसाब बेग़म को दुबला कर दीजिये, आपने फलां का वजन कम कर दिया, फलां को फिर से जवान बना दिया।
बेग़म भी कहने लगीं, “मैंने हर कोशिश कर ली, वीएलसीसी भी कर लिया, थोड़ा कम होता है फिर पहले से भी ज्यादा हो जाता है।“
“कब से बढ़ रहा है?” मैंने पूंछा
“जब से छोटी बेटी हुई, अप्रेसन से”
(सर्जरी = एंटिबायोटिक्स)
मैंने मुल्ला जी से पूंछा, “आप क्या काम करते हैं?”
“पॉल्ट्री फार्म है”
“कैसा चल रहा है?”
“बढ़िया, 50 दिनों में ब्रायलर ढाई किलो का हो जाता है”
“पहले ही दिन से दवाई देना शुरू कर देते हैं, खूब खाता है, खूब फूलता है”
(दवाई = एंटिबायोटिक्स)
बेग़म को चिकेन पसंद है और फिर घर की पॉल्ट्री।
मुल्ला जी ने बताया कि बाज़ार में 100% चिकेन दवाई वाला है, उसके बगैर उनका वजन बहुत धीमे-धीमे बढ़ता है, मंहगा पढ़ता है।
फिलहाल मैंने सुल्ताना जी को चिकेन से भैंसे के गोश्त पर शिफ्ट कर दिया है। (कहीं यह गैर-कानूनी तो नहीं है?)
एफ़बी मित्रो,
एंटिबायोटिक्स से लबरेज होने के कारण चिकेन खाना सेहत के लिए हानिकारक है इसलिए आप सब को भी सलाह है कि इसे खाना बंद कर दें, तभी खाएं जब खुद का पाला हुआ हो वह भी बगैर दवाई के। मटन या भैंसे के गोश्त में फिलहाल इतनी दिक्कत नहीं है।

Why care for Body? Why exercise? Why Surya Namaskar?


Why care for Body? Why exercise? Why Surya Namaskar? Why Cow milk? Why Organic food? Why research? Why Swadhyay? Why Satsang? Why Empowerment of others? Why care for nature?

One answer for all questions.

The way universe (संसार), perceived by senses, is different than who ‘I’ is, body, senses, mind and intellect too are different from ’I’. So it is ‘I’’s duty to remain engaged in their nourishment and sustenance.

कर्मयोगी considers all of them(Universe, Body, Senses, Mind, Intellect) as subjects to be served selflessly. That’s why nourishing them is necessity of धार्मिक living. To keep Body/Mind/Senses/Intellect/Universe healthy and fit, is प्रभुसेवा. It is part and parcel of स्व-धर्म.

Living near trees is good for your health vs Forgotten Sacred Groves


aaron-burden-152622Groves are प्राणवर्धक. Growing food without groves? It is nothing but highly unscientific way of greed-based industry. It cannot be called Agriculture (कृषि). Soil cannot grow प्राणवर्धक food without groves, without biodiversity. Without biodiversity, food lacks प्राण. Without प्राण, who can survive? Of course, we can survive. But like a dead body with little प्राण and anything worth to contribute in universal यज्ञ.

We discussed about it at length here :

Sacred Grove : Lost tradition, lost microbial diversity, lost Prana

Unfortunately, present citizens and city counselors are living in suicide mode. Cutting trees everywhere. Cementing open space. Wall to wall rode carpeting. Using Green plots for other purposes. And on Sunday, all malls are full! 😀 😀 Poor guys.
And on the other hand, open more and more 5 Star hospitals 😀 😀 😀
Take radical steps. Demolish cemented roads. Grow new trees now. Or else, feel free to pay hefty hospital bills/ 😉 (y)

Scientists have discovered that living near trees is good for your health

The large study builds on a body of prior research showing the cognitive and psychological benefits of nature scenery — but also goes farther in actually beginning to quantify just how much an addition of trees in a neighborhood enhances health outcomes. The researchers, led by psychologist Omid Kardan of the University of Chicago, were able to do so because they were working with a vast dataset of public, urban trees kept by the city of Toronto — some 530,000 of them, categorized by species, location, and tree diameter — supplemented by satellite measurements of non-public green space (for instance, trees in a person’s back yard).

They also had the health records for over 30,000 Toronto residents, reporting not only individual self-perceptions of health but also heart conditions, prevalence of cancer, diabetes, mental health problems and much more.

Neighborhood greenspace and health in a large urban center

Studies have shown that natural environments can enhance health and here we build upon that work by examining the associations between comprehensive greenspace metrics and health. We focused on a large urban population center (Toronto, Canada) and related the two domains by combining high-resolution satellite imagery and individual tree data from Toronto with questionnaire-based self-reports of general health perception, cardio-metabolic conditions and mental illnesses from the Ontario Health Study. Results from multiple regressions and multivariate canonical correlation analyses suggest that people who live in neighborhoods with a higher density of trees on their streets report significantly higher health perception and significantly less cardio-metabolic conditions (controlling for socio-economic and demographic factors). We find that having 10 more trees in a city block, on average, improves health perception in ways comparable to an increase in annual personal income of $10,000 and moving to a neighborhood with $10,000 higher median income or being 7 years younger. We also find that having 11 more trees in a city block, on average, decreases cardio-metabolic conditions in ways comparable to an increase in annual personal income of $20,000 and moving to a neighborhood with $20,000 higher median income or being 1.4 years younger.

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