Half-baked rationalists, leftists and sentimental hindus – they all now disrespect वर्ण of वर्णाश्रम व्यवस्था. One factor that has created this delusion is our urban industrialization focused education + generalized urban living —> alienation from natural habitat.

Mother nature must be laughing on our ignorance.


उपह्वरे गिरीणां संगमे च नदीनां धिया विप्रो अजायत is a Veda-Vakya. It is potent hint. It conveys profound truth about societal design. Intellectuals, scholars, wise or change-catalysts play important role in society. As important as politicians, laborers and businessmen play. Veda give hint that, to create such men, dedicated in national activities, solitude of valleys of mountains and at the confluence of rivers are best place. Ideal geographical locations.

This mantra indicates that environment plays a significant role on the mind of a person, therefore the sages who were devoted for meditation or spiritual achievement used to reside at the valleys of mountains and the confluence of rivers.

In this mantra the word used to address those who achieve spiritual heights they is Vipra. In ordinary sense this word is used for a learned person but here it denotes the stage of high spiritual development. This word is used for those scholars who have acquired the knowledge of the Vedas in a precise manner.

निघंटु has explained this precisely. He classified soil as ब्राह्मण,क्षत्रिय,वैश्य & शुद्र. Not only soil, he classified trees and plants in very same 4 categories! Not only soil, plants, trees, he also classified animals in 4 categories!

For example:

तत्र क्षेत्रे ब्रह्मभूमीरुहाढ्यं वारिस्फारं यत्कुशाङ्कूरकीर्णं ।
रम्यं यच्च श्वेतमृत्स्नासमेतं तद्व्याचष्टे ब्राह्मं इत्यष्टमूर्तिः । । १.९

It is Brahman land where there are ample trees, ample water sources and where majority color is पांडू or white.

(You can read more about this classification of land here:

This is not enough. Our modern and rational friends want evidences. Here is one research paper I came across.


…our findings provide micro-level evidence of an important role of geography in economic development that operates through the influence of mineral availability on cognition.


Paper 2: Why Swimmers Are Smarter Than You

“children who are taught to swim at an early age hit certain physical and developmental milestones faster than kids who learn later in life.”


Actions to be taken:

1) Live near water sources. Green surrounding.
2) Teach your child swimming
3) Frequent visits to Jungles and rivers
4) More schools in hills/Jungle/River vicinity
Side note: Sanskrit is beautiful and Godly language. Other meanings of ‘Nadi’ and ‘Giri’ give different perspective of child development.

According to dictionary, गिरि also means ‘Profoundly honored’. Those who live in company of Sages, wise, where different knowledge streams confluence (Cross-subject knowledge), can become like them.