Till last century, large mass of Bharat was yet connected with roots, rituals and culture of the land (They were so pure but gullible that they were even driven by Nehru machinery.Gullible nature was largely because of tired psyche due to so many centuries confusion and oppression. Talking about commons and not rulers.).

They could produce fighters & intellectuals who could resist British oppression. And they fought i.e. INA, Navy’s heroic stints.

Now, with majority uprooted (unified but synthetic food, unified but herd education), do you think a well-crafted, self-driven, bold citizens is reality?

Don’t take this as empty cynic view. This is urge to find solution for dismayed lambs (As my friend Ranjit puts in his blog).

Solution lies in Vedic ways of life. Food, Marriage, Progeny planning, Education, dharma and karma balance, purusharth earning (धर्म,अर्थ,काम,मोक्ष), यज्ञ.

Please do read this if your heart too bleed for the root level change, the DNA repair.

“There is no education ministry at the national level in this country. We have a heavy-duty ministry of finance, of I&B. And of course a dept of animal husbandry under another such ministry. Our younglings are sent to mercenary institutions called English medium schools that milk both the parents of students and teachers, and teach quite a lot of trash. Whatever education is framed and regulated it is done under the aegis of one human resource development ministry. Humans are resources, who can be beaten into a conforming shape, if nowhere else then at India Gate.”

Dismayed Lambs, Silenced Spring