Is it civilized practice to swap clothes,ornaments,shoes,water-vessel,garlands?
When you swap, you not only swap material but also exchange thoughts,energy and germs associated with the item. No? Is there any machine that can sterilize thoughts?

Not only sharing clothes, modern teens now also share meals from same dish.

How unhygienic our modern living is!

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  1. hi. Normally in an middle class Bharatiya family, when elder ones grow up his clothes, books, etc will be given to the younger ones. Some times its given to cousins brothers or sisters. Is that wrong ? Is that also sharing ? But they are not using the clothe for 1 person 1 day and other person the other day. Its given to 1 person only until he/she utilizes fully and then given to other person! Need your views on this. Thanks,

    • Wonderful observation. That is perfectly alright between blood relatives and immediate siblings. Infact, it is immunity booster ritual that we often pass on clothes of toddlers to newborn in same family.

      I will write a note on it and explain against this note.

      Hint: compatible prana vs non-compatible prana

  2. clothes,ornaments,shoes,water-vessel,garlands…etc. Everything you share was already made by someone else. Won’t there be transfer of his or her thought, energy etc to the first user. ? Ex. The grains we eat was grown by some farmer who took care of it for months before it reached us. The shoes that we wear, that leather belonged to some animal before it reached us. Won’t there be any transfer? Your belief about immunity booster by sharing dishes is kinda illogical..