Shiva – महाकर्ता ,महाभोक्ता ,महात्यागी
From Yoga Vashishtha

Part 1 of the series :

bhRGgIza was a man of ordinary or traditional self-knowledge.

He approached lord Siva and asked:

“Lord, I am deluded by this world-appearance.

Pray, tell me the attitude equipped with which I shall be freed from this delusion.”

LORD SIVA replied: Give up all your doubts. Resort to moral courage. Be a mahAbhoktA (great enjoyer of delight), mahAkartA (great doer of actions) andmahAtyAgI (perfect renouncer).

He is a महाकर्ता (great doer of actions)

who is freed of doubts and performs appropriate actions in natural situations
whether they be regarded as dharma (right) or adharma (wrong),
without being swayed by likes and dislikes, by success and failure,
without egosense or jealousy,
remaining with his mind in a state of silence and purity.
He is unattached to anything but remains as a witness of everything, without selfish desires or motives,
without excitement or exultation but with a mind at peace, without sorrow or grief,
indifferent to action and inaction,
whose very nature is peace and equilibrium or equanimity
which is sustained in all situations (in the birth, existence or annihilation of all things).

He is a महाभोक्ता (great enjoyer)

who does not hate anything nor long for anything but enjoys all natural experiences,
who does not cling to nor renounce anything even while engaged in actions,
who does not experience though experiencing, who witnesses the world-play unaffected by it.
His heart is not affected by pleasure and pain that arise in the course of life and the changes that cause confusion,
and he regards with delight old age and death, sovereignty and poverty
and even great calamities and fortunes.
His very nature is non-violent and virtuous,
and he enjoys what is sweet and what is bitter with equal relish, without making an arbitrary distinction ‘This is enjoyable’ and ‘This is not’.

He is a महात्यागी (great renouncer)

who has banished from his mind concepts like
dharma and adharma,
pain and pleasure,
birth and death,
all desires, all doubts, all convictions,
who sees the falsity in the experience of pain by his body, mind, etc., who has realised ‘I have no body, no birth, no right and no wrong’,
who has completely abandoned from his heart the notion of world-appearance.

Thus did lord Siva instruct bhRGgIza who then became enlightened. Adopt this attitude, O Râma, and transcend sorrow.