University of California, Los Angeles is a respected university. Physicians here suggested to ban handshake in hospitals. They found that despite handwash, handshakes transmit diseases. This is coming from the culture where handshake is deeply ingrained culture. I appreciate scientific temper.
The handshake might be a deeply established social custom in certain cultures but it was never a custom here. We believe in panchkoshiya sharir ( like different layers of Earth atmosphere) and one of the layer is ‘Pranamay – प्राणमय) – a layer of vital energy (just like ozone layer of the Earth). When we handshake, we exchange प्राण. This exchange may turn good for sick person as he or she receives प्राण but for healthy person, it is loss of प्राण and hence sickness. This is the reason, scientists @ University of California found that despite hand wash (killing bacteria on hands), handshake transmit sickness.
Another reason why handshake after handwash is not worth, is, mother nature does not like vaccum. As soon as you sterile your hands, good or bad bacteria are ready take the place. If you are in hospital, you can catch up with any antibiotic resistant bacteria. (So it is good not to visit hospitals often. No entry for kids! 🙂 )
While science of our times is accepting correction in popular culture, so called modern schools teaches handshake as cultural etiquette to kids :D. And parents teach wishing ‘Happy birthday’ :D.
I respect all cultures but I prefer to follow local culture. Worth. 🙂 And I really appreciate doctors @ UCLA for their bold step to declare hospitals as ‘Handshake free zones’ despite handshake being part of culture. We too should correct anomalies in our culture when we find it.
Think about it. Take care. (Y) 🙂