Last November, we had session on सरस्वती उपासक! These are some of the guna discussed.

What all qualities सरस्वती उपासक must cultivate?

  • ज्ञान निष्ठा

सरस्वती उपासक should always be ready to learn and pass on the knowledge to the mass. He or she must remain engaged in seeking knowledge for स्वविकास & लोकहित!

  • विद्या प्रीति

सरस्वती उपासक must cultivate love for the विद्या. विद्या helps him/her to sync life with ऋत (The grand show of the universe)

  • धैर्य

सरस्वती उपासक must cultivate patience. Without patience, it is not easy to deal with students and learners.

  • पवित्रता

सरस्वती उपासक must cultivate purity of thoughts and actions. Without it, they won’t be able to revive same in students.