Dharma based education: Solution for gender equality



Those who don’t spare single chance to spit venom against culture of this land, under media influence, must read the Ramayana first.

The vices we see in society and label it as typical Indian society, is not because of foundation of dharma-based education! It is damn modern education!

Show me one single individual, passed through तपोवन शिक्षण process and having biased mindset about women!

Read this single gem from Ramayana and get rid of false notion about your own roots!

It is not just a movie Bahubali where Rajamata was shown ruling the state! It was alive in all families where Ramayana was recited! Females were always respected as ruler of the home!

आत्मा हि दारास्सर्वेषां दारसङ्ग्रहवर्तिनाम्।
आत्मेयमिति रामस्य पालयिष्यति मेदिनीम्।।2.37.24।।

This shloka told by the great Vasishtha maharshi Himself, is a priceless gem. “In Indian culture, there is no difference between a husband and wife. Hence, may Seeta rule this kingdom in place of Raama, who is leaving for the forests”.

Education Vision Series – 1 : Infrastructure for Tapas

In this series, we will talk about ideal and achievable aspects of Education, that are missing in present education.


I talked about infrastructure, I meant the luxury that parents and kid seek from school once they pay 1 lakh per year.

सुखार्थी त्यजते विद्यां विद्यार्थी त्यजते सुखम् ।
सुखार्थिन: कुतो विद्या कुतो विद्यार्थिन: सुखम् ॥

जो व्यक्ति सुख के पिछे भागता है उसे ज्ञान नही मिलेगा ।
तथा जिसे ज्ञान प्राप्त करना है वह व्यक्ति सुख का त्याग करता है ।
सुख के पिछे भागनेवाले को विद्या कैसे प्राप्त होगी ? तथा जिसको विद्या प्राप्त करनी है उसे सुख कैसे मिलेगा?

तपोवन = विद्यासे तप्त होने, वन आवश्यक है

Real Sex Education



Advocates of sex-education don’t realize that it was part of Sanatana dharma for several thousands years. The goal and methods were different.
Unlike modern propaganda, that opens possibilities of turning teens into sex-slaves, we had sublime methods. Our education curriculum was designed to show reality to teen students and not really ignite uncontrolled fire in name of “Safe-Sex”.
When it is talked about women’s body, consider same for woman’s attraction for man’s body.

सरस्वती उपासकके गुण



Last November, we had session on सरस्वती उपासक! These are some of the guna discussed.

What all qualities सरस्वती उपासक must cultivate?

  • ज्ञान निष्ठा

सरस्वती उपासक should always be ready to learn and pass on the knowledge to the mass. He or she must remain engaged in seeking knowledge for स्वविकास & लोकहित!

  • विद्या प्रीति

सरस्वती उपासक must cultivate love for the विद्या. विद्या helps him/her to sync life with ऋत (The grand show of the universe)

  • धैर्य

सरस्वती उपासक must cultivate patience. Without patience, it is not easy to deal with students and learners.

  • पवित्रता

सरस्वती उपासक must cultivate purity of thoughts and actions. Without it, they won’t be able to revive same in students.


Role of (better) us in democracy



All medicines are not same. Some medicines solve ailment for short time. Problem resurface. So doctors always prescribe prevention mechanism along with medicines so that problem does not resurface.

If the land is barren with no water source, will you dare to plant tree with heavy water requirements? You either change entire environment or find a technology to grow same tree with less water. But you need to alter environment for sure to meet the water requirements. Just potent seeds won’t work.

Similarly, your potent law drafts are futile unless you alter environment to support potent laws. You need to alter psyche of majority i.e. चरित्र निर्माण.

If you miss this important step i.e. चरित्र निर्माण of citizens, you do nothing but waste precious time because even if there will be system change by euphoria, it won’t sustain for long due to subjects inability to cope up with it.

So, चरित्र निर्माण <<====>> राष्ट्र निर्माण should be our motto. Let us work for both together.

All of us seek Nation governed for the people, by the people (प्रजा-आधीन राजा,राष्ट्र-प्रेमी प्रजा).
Let us assume that we get such system, by hook or crook. System is in place. Do you think, it will go on forever? If yes, I think you are living in some lunatic plane.

Ethical conduct of citizens play vital role to nurture and preserve any ideal political system envisioned.

Ethical conduct needs to be induced in citizens. If this ethical conduct is induced out of fear of the law, it won’t last for long because of humans inherent tendency to protest again slavery.

For self-governed system to stay on for time immemorial, we also need to work hard to establish self-governed morality, rooted in love for Nation and understanding of swa-dharma. To establish self-governed morality, character-building of subjects remain unavoidable job. That is where parenting, educating, military-training will play important role.

My suggestion to all patriots is to work for strengthening of both legs together i.e. Desh and Deshi-bhakt. Let there be no gaffe in achieving this goal.

Slow and Steady Degeneration of Armed Force’s Humanpower



Purpose of क्रीडा & क्रीडागण is not mere pastime. It is not for recreation exclusively. Our rustic games, from खोखो to कब्बडी to Jallikatuu type aggressive sports – all of them were essential fundamental elements for making of warriors out of ordinary citizens.

Check these two old notes on this subject:

Mandatory Sports, Making of Citizen Warriors and National Security

Sports ground based Army of Citizens

Now, let us come to the subjects : How exactly, generation by generation, supply of manpower to Army, the foot-soldiers, are losing their abilities and the warrior spirit. There are several reasons for it (change in food patterns, lack of struggle, influence of urban life via internet/mobile) but the predominant one is the death of traditional sports. While laggard game cricket killed almost all other games, vested interests are killing some of the aggressive games like Jallikattu. This has direct impact on generations grew up without such sports!!

I wrote this in 2017 by sharing one post on Jallikattu

“Area where Jallikattu is celebrated, produces finest armed forces for Maa Bharti.
This proves my hypothesis that, there is indeed systematic collapse of
Indian security planned by Anti-India forces.
Believe it or not, it is emerging as reality.
Punjab, Maratha and now Tamil…”

Story of bull owners


Look at the leap of this bull at the finishing line. The proud owner displaying his hey days photo when he was young and won many awards.

They have many societies and trusts like Theni district veera vilayattu sangam ( valour games association of theni) nattu madu valarpor sangam ( desi cow growers society). These have thousand members or more. They plan to agitate soon. They are apalled by the lack of understanding of the issue by city people and are saying may be they shud stop all food supply to city people.

It is often forgotten that places where jallikattu happens are also places that provide significant manpower to armed forces today and in the past were significant contributors to Netajis Indian national army. how else will you have guts and promote it as a trait for generations.

Many patronizers are well educated youth and old people. He is a graduate who left a well paying job to do agriculture and also to take care of the bulls. He is a sad but agitated man. He says he is very offended when people say uneducated illiterate people encourage this barbaric sport. Who is uneducated and barbaric time will tell.

(Post link:

Destroying us, bit by bit.
From the inside, while making our own people do the dirty work.
The cunning has to be admired.

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Why do we need Gita in curriculum?



The training for excellence is to practice the embodied technologies of decision-making, the right decisions, the wise decisions, when needed by the present dharma, context, one faces. This is the goal, the ethics of the whole program of the Avatara Krisna in the Bhagavad Gita: to train Arjuna, that fallen and disturbed warrior, to make decisions, the best ones, as needed by his present dharma (his present situation), a battle field.

And this is the program of human acting, from the Rig Veda down, that Indic texts propose:

“an ethics of decision making as opposed to an ethics of compliance to rules coming from the outside.”

Here is the test whether you are still Bharatiya or being westernized heavily. Our education system has no mechanism of whatsoever in nature to teach anyone decision based on multiple ambiguous situations, self-centered decisions like “What is best among the possible?”.
If you are westernized, you perform veridical arguments (arguments coinciding with only visible reality), this is true and this is false but you miserably lack ability to make decisions in complex situations, under the cloud of multiple choices. Why, you are not taught to use your frontal lobe efficiently.

Solution: Introduce Gita in curriculum because, on आधिदैविक plane, Gita is the human body itself, sung beautifully to present her lovely form of existence. Learn her, live like how she wants you to live.

Early Age Education : More listening, less synthetic visuals



Visuals compress many details. They make the concept vague for growing minds. For kids, it is too much to handle. Their brain consumes more energy but get hardly any benefit of neuronal connection establishment.

Instead, when the teaching imparted by oral education, kids learn to be more attentive. Attention will allow them to digest detail better and make more and more neuronal connections. Their imagination and memory power increases too. This will have direct impact on their life-long ability to master any new skill or subject.

First 7 years – prefer more listening and involvement. Visual aids are ok but not the primary tools.

And if you wish to use visuals, let there be only one canvas. Mother nature. Let there be vastness of visual inputs.  Don’t restrict imagination by gadgets/youtube based education.

Teaching is just 25% duty for teacher



It was true 2500 years back and it is true now. Teacher is not a paid servant who can pass on information as an industrial worker.

Teaching is mere 25% job of teacher. His real duty is in remaining 75%. He must be a strategist for the state. He must be a public figure. Finest orator, commanding mass psyche. A leader who can organize mass for any goal or target.

Those who wish to revive education system, must also focus on this aspect of teacher.

Bazaar Schools : Localized MBA schools of Ancient India


It is well known fact that India used to lead world economy before British ruined it. And we were not only leading it, we were leading it sustainable way.

So, which education system produced such highly efficient entrepreneurs?

Education based on वर्णाश्रम व्यवस्था! Dharma was in center for education system. William Adam in his report notes that, despite extreme diversities of race, character and history, across nine provinces, education system was uniform and had little variety as we expected. And this was only possible due to dharma aligned roots of the society and education system.

What was their definition of indigenous school?

Education institutions established or conducted by natives of India by native methods.

Primary Education(up to age 7) in India was conducted by community, never was established as institution. Informal, accurate & life oriented.

Such institutions were of two types. Elementary and advanced. Elementary education was divided further into two types : Village school and Bazar school. In British provinces, villages schools were digested by department of education of British Govt and converted into modern primary school’s base.

Village schools, both Hindu and Muslim, had essential religion flavor. Although Hindu schools not only taught dharma, but also all basic skills needed to run life successfully. But in Muslim schools, this life oriented education was ignored and focus was on Koran only.

Let us talk more about Today’s post’s topic. Bazar school. These were special school different from Village schools for elementary education. When we talk about Indian education, one thought always come first: Guru-centered school with no fee structure. However, when we talk about bazar school, teacher was salaried, supported by community of traders. Need for Bazar school arose out of limitation of elementary schools where advance techniques for trade and business were not taught. And it is perfectly understandable as Village schools were for all and not all will get engaged in trade. Village school teaches everything but focus on specific Varna duties was natural based on nature of population. If the village is dominated by farmers, instructions will have customized dominance of farming related instructions..same for all occupations. In this case, Bazar schools were helping trading families to groom their kids for future.

In short, Indian Education was truly secular, respecting each child’s natural tendencies and providing customized education. Needless to mention, at large, education was free of cost.

Some old glimpses of Education from net

Schoolboys at the Golden Temple — Amritsar
Schoolboys at the Golden Temple — Amritsar
Girl's school, Mumbai
Girl’s school, Mumbai
Women Education
Women Education

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