Cow Cuddling Is The New Wellness Trend Now And It Costs $300 For A 90-Minute Session

According to PubMed, there is proof that humans can decrease their stress levels by interacting with animals. How one may choose to go about that is their own preference. While this concept, in particular, might sound a little strange, the new therapy trend falls in line with other programs we’ve seen in the past. Remember goat yoga? Or cat yoga? What about bunny yoga? While yoga with a cow might be a little tricky, cuddling with them might be the next best thing.

Mountain Horse Farm in upstate New York has a program offering the ‘Horse & Cow Experience’ where individuals can spend time connecting with the large barnyard animals. You can interact with them however you want to by petting, brushing or playing. If you’re not in the mood to play with the animals, you can simply cuddle with them. “Cows have a body temperature that is slightly higher than humans and their heart rate is lower than ours. Cuddling up with a cow, feeling that lower heart rate and higher body temperature, is very relaxing,” Mountain Horse Farm wrote on their website.

If I ask educated Indians to go to Gau Shala daily, they will raise their eyebrows! What nonsense! Who has time to visit Gau shala daily? And damn! For what reason! 😀

Check this out: Americans are paying $300 for 90 minutes cow cuddling session! Oh yes, you read it right!!

Cuddling has magic impact on your health!

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