Day by day, value of doctors is reducing to mere prescription writer, who reads lab reports and write prescription as per his ties with specific drug company.

For a healthy society, we need to change this growing image radically.

For example, if you are a married couple planning for a child, you should start meeting your family doctor and/or a pediatrician and gynecologist in very early stage of planning. Share your lifestyle with them. Demand positive suggestions and implement all of them.

What is happening right now is, babies are born accidently. Purely on chance basis. No preparation. No life style change. No diet change. (On the contrary, at least 6 months before planning a child, you should alter your diet and routine. Like, reduce stress, start morning walk, eat fresh food, stop outside food etc.) -> This lead unimagined consequences sometimes. A cost burden on society and nation.

Do not just remember doctor when you fall sick. Befriend your doctor and meet him/her regularly so that you and your family remain fit forever. Make your relation with a family doctor friendly. Avoid businessmen doctors who are in market for only earning.