August is a month of agitation in India. Monsoon led Vata prakop. Mental instability. Easy to stir rural minds due to their natural monsoon-driven idleness. Earlier, this rural energy used to act as spiritual force during month of Shravan and Bhadrapada. Now, situation is different under the global media influence.

You will see two types of mass movements. It is template.

Autogenic Mass movement and foreign NGO led movement are two different shades of anti-govt agitations. If successful, former serves interests of real mass, later serves vested interests.

No matter how burning issue is, if fund manager’s intentions are not traced, it backfires and further hampers the gullible mass.

Autogenic Mass movement : Navy revolt of 1946
NGO led movement : Quit India movement of 1942

Former gave threat to British and led to independence.
Later gave Congress rule and the results are evident.

In Autogenic Mass movement , issue is in center and people selects representative from within. You can call him/her leader.

In NGO led movements, leader is self-proclaimed, appointed with vested interests instructions, he/she travels to issue site and gives speeches to arouse the sleeping souls for his/her organization’s interests. Interests could be anything : To topple govt, to blackmail govt, to act as controlled opposition.

Unfortunately, for citizens with reasonably good intellect, this difference is difficult to decipher with common sense. In your pockets, spread dharma. Dharma-driven living.