Generally, I don’t really need to open refrigerator as there is no such need 🙂 But for a change, I opened it Today evening. And what do I find?

I asked my wife with astonishment, :”What is this?”

“Ask your son! This is his act.”

I summoned my son.

“Kathan, please come here. What is this?”

“Oh..this! 🙂 Pappa, this is temple.”



“Why in fridge?”

“You once said that God’s Murti and picture are alive. If they are alive, they deserve the same treatment or better than us. If we use fan or AC, they too need it, right? That is why I installed my God, Shri Krushn here. He will sleep here and during day, he will be in temple.”

Speechless. People often talk about being like a child. And they often capture only one aspect of childhood. Being childish…acting mindlessly. But if there is something important to learn from kids, it is their devotion and faith.Highest level of sincerity and devotion are two primary aspects of हनुमान अवस्था. Kids are always in Hanuman state. It is this factor of childhood, being more प्राणवान like Hanuman and remain devoted and faithful to center of attraction.

Bhakti is essential for achievement of Karma(Yajna, selfless devotion for Nation and Culture) mentioned in Gita. Not so long ago, this land had witnessed many examples proving this point. In fact, they are the only examples where native culture could survive against foreign oppression.

Children must learn this factor of life. Unfortunately, arrogant parents educated in leftist liberal education, mar this innocence of kids and make them ruthless zombies from childhood. If not Istha Murti, your kid will succumb to cartoon. It is inevitable.

What is Bhakti anyway?

Human = Cognition + Feeling + Will
Human = Knowledge + Devotion + Action
Human = ज्ञान+ उपासना + कर्म

Devotion gives powerful hint about Bhakti. Devotion towards God. Devotion towards self. Devotion towards all living and non-living beings. Devotion for own karma. Devotion to Society. Devotion to dharma-sustenance. Devotion to Nation. For example, we call राष्ट्र-भक्ति which means Devotion towards Nation (and there is well known राष्ट्र-सूक्त in Rigveda).

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