Gullibility developed through school education is dangerous virus. It kills social cleverness/intellectual alertness(दक्षता) from roots without any symptoms on surface 🙂.

That’s where advertising , media and power custodians exploit citizens. They make citizens pass through GREAT INDIAN EDUCATION SCAM assembly line and convert दक्षता into Gullibility virus. This virus does not only make humans puppets for illicit power custodians but also spread same gullibility as mass hysteria.

And mind you, social Gullibility has no relevance with your degree or alma-mater. I see many IITians, IIM alumni, doctors, engineers affected by gullibility virus.

Here is a quick gullibility test

Do you buy things by its face value (Glossy wrapper, attractive tagline)?
Do you buy things because there is sale but not because there is a need!?
Do you like song just because it is cool and liked by majority? (Kolaveri di)
Do you consider actors/politicians role models by their PR campaigns? ( Sachin, Sehwag, Amitabh, Salmaan etc)

If yes, think and act! You are victim of gullibility virus!