गौ संसार की गर्भनाल है
Cows are umbilical cord of life on EARTH .


Imagine this world, this universe as giant womb where you took birth and being groomed constantly by mother nature. Cow is the umbilical cord for us, leveraging life from the universe.

Being mother, such a sublime value she has in our life. What happens to unborn in the womb when the cord is obstructed/cut?

Death. We are almost living dead.

By Shri Subodh Kumar ji:

“5. आ नो यातं दिवो अच्छा पृथिव्या हिरण्ययेन सुवृता रथेन |
मा वाम अन्ये नि यमन्‌ देवयन्तः सं यद ददे नाभिः पूर्व्या वाम || RV4.44.5, AV20.143.5

गौ माता द्वारा भूमि सुन्दर, पर्यावर्ण अनुकूल , जीवन आवागमन के साधन रथादि से समृद्ध सब के लिए समान रूप से बिना भेद भाव के उपलब्ध नियमित बनता है ठीक उसी प्रकार जैसे सब माताएं जन्म से पूर्व अपने गर्भ में भ्रूण को नाभि से समान रूप से नियमित पोषण प्राप्त कराती हैं |

Cows provide total inputs to sustain life by providing excellent environments, soil , food and sources of energy to sustain the life on the universe made available to everyone equally without any discrimination just like a mother that provides complete feed for the fetus in her womb through navel by umbilical cord.”