Food Zombies, Urban Starvation and Crime Culture



Whenever there is heinous crime in society, demand is raised by candle light brigade to tighten the laws! Well, do you think tight laws will resolve the issue?

US is considered as having strict laws and efficient implementation.

  • Overwhelming data point towards the fact the US is a police State beyond comparison.
  • With 7 million people under some kind of correctional supervision – prison, parole or probation.
  • With 2 million prisoners
  • Some 3 million employees in US secret services (FBI, CIA, NSA, etc).
  • 1 million civilian police as per FBI data
  • More than 14 million prosecutions yearly (2002), to keep these 1 million police personnel busy. The US prosecutes more people than the next 45 countries for whom data is available.
    Do we also want similar police state? Is this called matured civilization?

Mentally ill will get terrified by laws and stay away from committing crimes. What about mentally retarded?? They don’t mind anything! Don’t you see Gun shots regularly in US schools??? Can our laws stop giving birth to mentally retarded? If yes, implement those laws first before strict laws for rapists.

In 2011, New York police stopped about 700,000 people on the road – and nearly half of these people were intrusively searched. One estimate put the total number of such searches in New York alone at 4 million – 40 lakhs, in the past decade.

Police procedures demands that a the crotch is manually felt by hands – and in case of women, even the area between breasts.

Remember these figures are for New York only. National figures will be higher.

All this in a city of eight million – a little larger than Pune. Imagine 2000 body searches every single day in Pune.


Do we want this in India?

My stand: Prevention is better than cure. Laws help as both preventive as well as cure. Supplementary, as a preventive guidelines, in terms of environment, food for body and mind do play role and we cannot ignore it.

Laws and Samskars compliments each other. Cure for National body by laws and individual body by food is urgent need of the hour. Ignore one of them, invite imbalance.

What you eat you become.Majority of Indians are now victim of fancy urban starvation (The Fast Food starvation – You starve because your food is inadequate in nutrition). They are devoid of rich food, for body and mind. Due to this starvation, we increase % of population who is either mentally ill or retarded. Tougher rape laws might inhibit some victims from pressing charges, which is already a problem in India, and increase the rigor of proofs needed for conviction.

Each year US prosecutes more people than the rest of the world put together. US has more secret police, civilian police than any country in the world. So is that our goal?

With stricter laws and efficient judiciary and police, we need system to feed rich way of living to citizens. Two things we can do is, 1) sanitize them from viruses of backward class i.e. BC Bollywood and Cricket, that’s where filthy minds originates. 2) Come up with more habitats where we get healthy organic food for all.


1) Please read book ‘phantoms in the brain’ by V S Ramchandran to know link between food – Beliefs/thinking – Crime.
3) Diet and crime: An empirical examination of the value of nutrition in the control and treatment of incarcerated juvenile offenders.
Schoenthaler, Stephen J.
International Journal of Biosocial Research, Vol 4(1), 1983, 25-39.
Conducted a study in which the incidence of antisocial behavior resulting in formal disciplinary actions was lowered 48% using a double-blind design over a 2-yr period with a sample of 276 incarcerated juveniles by reducing the quantity of sugar Ss consumed. The primary dietary revisions involved the replacement of soft drinks and “junk” food with fruit juices and nutritious snacks and the elimination of high sugar content desserts and cereals. The percentage of well-behaved Ss increased 71% and the percentage of chronic offenders decreased 56%. Adding controls for gender, race, age, and type of offender (violent, property, or status) did not diminish the reduction in antisocial behavior. (37 ref) (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved)
4) Poor Nutrition in Childhood Linked to Adult Crime
5) Lack of basic nutrition creates generation of criminals; prison system society
Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/006194_Nutrition_adolescent.html#ixzz2Fc15fUXI
7) Omega-3, junk food and the link between violence and what we eat
Research with British and US offenders suggests nutritional deficiencies may play a key role in aggressive bevaviour

Bharata : वेदमान्य Superpower


There are recent narratives created by establishments about projecting India as softpower. and their vision is limited to Yoga and Bollywood. That is it. That is too gross and limited. Bharat has much more greater potential. We don’t wish to be superpower but विश्वगुरु!

Here is the Vedic Vision of truly global power!

आ ब्रह्यन्‌ ब्राह्मणो बह्मवर्चसी जायताम्‌
आ राष्ट्रे राजन्यः शूर इषव्यः अति
व्याधी महारथो जायताम्‌
दोग्ध्री धेनुर्वोढानड्वानाशुः सप्तिः
पुरंध्रिर्योषा जिष्णू रथेष्ठाः सभेयो
युवाअस्य यजमानस्य वीरो जायतां
निकामे निकामे नः पर्जन्यो वर्षतु
फलवत्यो न ओषधयः पच्यन्ताम्‌
योगक्षेमो नः कल्पताम्
— शुक्ल यजुर्वेद ; अध्याय २२, मन्त्र २२

O! Supreme Being! Let there be born in our Nation,
the intellectuals possessing spiritual splendor;
The military men- brave, skilled in warfare, mighty warrior and
destroyer of the enemies;
Let there be born-
the cow giving abundant milk;
the ox, carrier of heavy loads;
the women, skilled in domestic affairs;
The son of this devotee, while attains his youth
be heroic and highly cultured,
May the clouds rain on the required occasions
May the fruit bearing trees bear ripe fruits in abundance,
May the power of acquisition and preservance of wealth
ever remain with us
and last but not the least
May we remain ever vigilant in the Nation and
come forward for its protection.
What are ingredients of super power?

1) Intellectuals (Researchers/Scintists/Philosophers/Teachers/Economists?)
2) Warriors (National security?)
3) Agriculture (Food security?)
4) Nature (Better equilibrium in Natural resources?)
5) Cultured and awakened society (Law and order?)
6) Nature friendly wealth generation(Organic Industries/technolgoies?)
7) 100% Educated(not only literate!) Individuals (Education?)

This is National Anthem for me. Everytime I recite it, vision for अजनाभदेश or जम्बूद्वीप or भारतवर्ष become more clear and strong.

All these dreams are possible when we stabilize image of her as mother in our mind and dedicate lives (this birth and all upcoming births) in her seva/service.
Translation courtesy : http://satyavidya.org

Bazaar Schools : Localized MBA schools of Ancient India


It is well known fact that India used to lead world economy before British ruined it. And we were not only leading it, we were leading it sustainable way.

So, which education system produced such highly efficient entrepreneurs?

Education based on वर्णाश्रम व्यवस्था! Dharma was in center for education system. William Adam in his report notes that, despite extreme diversities of race, character and history, across nine provinces, education system was uniform and had little variety as we expected. And this was only possible due to dharma aligned roots of the society and education system.

What was their definition of indigenous school?

Education institutions established or conducted by natives of India by native methods.

Primary Education(up to age 7) in India was conducted by community, never was established as institution. Informal, accurate & life oriented.

Such institutions were of two types. Elementary and advanced. Elementary education was divided further into two types : Village school and Bazar school. In British provinces, villages schools were digested by department of education of British Govt and converted into modern primary school’s base.

Village schools, both Hindu and Muslim, had essential religion flavor. Although Hindu schools not only taught dharma, but also all basic skills needed to run life successfully. But in Muslim schools, this life oriented education was ignored and focus was on Koran only.

Let us talk more about Today’s post’s topic. Bazar school. These were special school different from Village schools for elementary education. When we talk about Indian education, one thought always come first: Guru-centered school with no fee structure. However, when we talk about bazar school, teacher was salaried, supported by community of traders. Need for Bazar school arose out of limitation of elementary schools where advance techniques for trade and business were not taught. And it is perfectly understandable as Village schools were for all and not all will get engaged in trade. Village school teaches everything but focus on specific Varna duties was natural based on nature of population. If the village is dominated by farmers, instructions will have customized dominance of farming related instructions..same for all occupations. In this case, Bazar schools were helping trading families to groom their kids for future.

In short, Indian Education was truly secular, respecting each child’s natural tendencies and providing customized education. Needless to mention, at large, education was free of cost.

Some old glimpses of Education from net

Schoolboys at the Golden Temple — Amritsar
Schoolboys at the Golden Temple — Amritsar
Girl's school, Mumbai
Girl’s school, Mumbai
Women Education
Women Education

Education by Itihas



How many of us want to realize difference between History and Itihas?

Itihas (Mahabharata and Ramayana) are essential for growing children.

Unfortunately, our history books are designed as a part of Indian Education Scam, to glorify Lords of British regime with little or no analysis of real इतिहास.

True history is written by, not historians funded by power custodians but by those millions and billions who love glorious past, have faith in land and her culture and sing history by living life on lessons learnt from history.

History is not mere recording events in chronological order . It is not gaga sung by language experts for power custodians. It is song of life, guiding principals, showing dark as well as bright consequences of human actions. Learn from it and act righteously in present to present beautiful future to coming generation.

I feel, only insensitive and selfish or ignorant(पशु) can ignore true history of the land. Sensitive humans go beyond books and act.
“He who knows the four Vedas with all the Angas and Upanishads, but does not know this history (Bharata), cannot be regarded as wise. Vyasa of immeasurable intelligence, has spoken of the Mahabharata as a treatise on Artha, on Dharma, and on Kama. Those who have listened to his history can never bear to listen to others, as, indeed, they who have listened to the sweet voice of the male Kokila can never hear the dissonance of the crow’s cawing. ” – Mahabharat

इतिहास पुराणाभ्यां वेदं समुपबृंहयेत
बिभेत्य अल्पश्रुताद वेदॊ माम अयं परतरिष्यति – आदिपर्व , महाभारत

Time lapse, State of Mind and Mahabharata



Time lapse is really state of mind. When Drona was killed, Duryodhana and his brothers could not sleep entire night while thinking about their torture to Draupadi.

1 night becomes 100 years when mind is focused. 10 years run away when mind is not focused. This is how most of us spend life now, with wavering mind. It is all relative.

Key for any progress in spiritual path is “Focus” or “Concentration”

Beautiful excerpt showing lapse of time.

1 [व]
ततॊ दरॊणे हते राजन दुर्यॊधनमुखा नृपाः
भृशम उद्विग्नमनसॊ दरॊणपुत्रम उपागमन
2 ते दरॊणम उपशॊचन्तः कश्मलाभिहतौजसः
पर्युपासन्त शॊकार्तास ततः शारद्वती सुतम
3 मुहूर्तं ते समाश्वास्य हेतुभिः शास्त्रसंमितैः
रात्र्यागमे महीपालाः सवानि वेश्मानि भेजिरे
4 विशेषतः सूतपुत्रॊ राजा चैव सुयॊधनः
दुःशासनॊ ऽथ शकुनिर न निद्राम उपलेभिरे
5 ते वेश्मस्व अपि कौरव्य पृथ्वीशा नाप्नुवन सुखम
चिन्तयन्तः कषयं तीव्रं निद्रां नैवॊपलेभिरे
6 सहितास ते निशायां तु दुर्यॊधन निवेशने
अतिप्रचण्डाद विद्वेषात पाण्डवानां महात्मनाम
7 यत तद दयूतपरिक्लिष्टां कृष्णाम आनिन्यिरे सभाम
तत समरन्तॊ ऽनवतप्यन्त भृशम उद्विग्नचेतसः
8 चिन्तयन्तश च पार्थानां तान कलेशान दयूतकारितान
कृच्छ्रेण कषणदां राजन निन्युर अब्द शतॊपमाम

“Thinking of that immense slaughter, they could not also sleep. The Suta’s son (Karna), and king Suyodhana and Duhshasana and Shakuni, in special, could not compose themselves to sleep. Those four passed that night together in Duryodhana’s tent, reflecting upon the woes they had inflicted upon the high-souled Pandavas. Formerly they had brought Draupadi, plunged into woe on account of the match at dice, into the assembly. Recollecting it they experienced great regret, their hearts being filled with anxiety. Thinking of those sufferings inflicted (upon the Pandavas) in consequence of the gambling match they passed that night in sorrow, O king, as if it were really a hundred years. ”

– Mahabharat, Book 8 (Karna Parva) , Ch 1

Collapse by Cultural exclusivity and relativism


बंजारा से ठग तक..


Cultural relativism infused by 18th century Industrial mindset was fatal mind infection. Having pride in own practice is one thing and comparing it with others to belittle them, is different thing.

Why do we call Nomads as some low life people? They are actually most active environmental activists! What they do by wandering around, is commendable job. They keep the mother nature exploitation by humans in check. They also keep invasive natural flora and fauna in check. While doing so, they also enjoy life fully! More than all of us living steady urban life in comfort zone! They have challenge and danger every day! And they draw out happiness out of it!

Unfortunately, pseudo-secular mindset, seeing everything with modern industrial mindset, as infused by our education, consider them as primitive! And we also make them realize this. So they enroll next generation in Secular modern education! 🙁

What a loss to sustainable synergy! All in the favor of pseudo-equality and empowerment!

क्रिया & कर्म


क्रिया & कर्म

When you are being given possession of material body, you cannot escape performing actions. Actions are known by two words – क्रिया & कर्म

There is a difference between क्रिया & कर्म. When the person has egoistic notion that he is the doer, his Kriya becomes Karma which bears fruits. But when we have no notion of doership, Kriya does not turn into karma, does not bear fruits. It is just like a an natural impulse. Those who surrender self to mother Nature, performs Kriya or strive to transform all their actions from karma(s) into Kriya(s).

Let mother Nature drive your life. Follow her hints…

Convoluted synthetic unity vs Mother Nature’s strength in variety


Ethnicity proves reliable indicator of what microbes thrive in the gut


“Human genomes are 99.9 percent the same between any two people, so what we’re really interested in is what explains the marked variations in gut microbiomes between people,” said Bordenstein, associate professor of biological sciences. “What are the rules, and can we manipulate that microbiome in order to improve health and medicine in the long run? If you look at common factors associated with gut microbiome differences, such as gender, weight or age, you find many inconsistencies in the types of gut bacteria present. But when we compare differences by patients’ self-declared ethnicities, we find stable and consistent features of bacteria present in the gut.”

Research increasingly links the gut microbiome to a range of human maladies, including inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes and even cancer. Attempts to manipulate the gut with food rich in healthy bacteria, such as yogurt or kombucha, are in vogue, along with buying commercial probiotics that promise to improve users’ chances against illness.

Changing the gut microbiome to beat illness really does hold great potential, said Vanderbilt University biologist Seth Bordenstein, but first scientists must answer what constitutes a healthy gut microbiome and in whom. By studying data on nearly 1,700 Americans of varying genders, ages, weights and ethnicities, they learned that gut microbiome differences among ethnicities are the most consistent factor.


I have been vocal about protecting the local terrain driven diversity, not only in food but also in trees, animals and humans! Wonderful science of Varna System was in place, keeping society strong and united. It was broken due to continuous inflow of external cultural subjugation by force.


Here are some old notes on it:

Varna, Environment and Quality of varna traits

Understand Varna and Ashram

Varna System, Geology ,Farming & Your Food, Your health

How Caste Meme was injected to destabilize power of वर्णाश्रम

Man is known by the company he keeps : We all have individual microbial cloud

Wetland , Intellectuals, Brahmi


Economics of being instrumental


न इदं त्वदीयम् |


This is not yours. You are mere caretaker.
What falls under इदं ? ‘This’ that is not ours but we ignorantly attach our identity with it?

The panchkoshiya sharir (शरीर – The one that decays) is इदं. Yes, our physical body, mind, intellect – nothing is where we can use ‘I’. न इदं त्वदीयम् | When we are mere caretaker, we must obey caretaker’s dharma and protect it. Hence, good food, good thoughts.

Why Good food? Why Good water? Why good air? Why not greed? Why not being greedy consumer? Simple one liner from Sastra, should again become foundation  of sustainable, eternal economics of our culture.

इदम् गृहम् तदीयम् | This house is his. Not yours!

Dinner Etiquette and So called Secular setup in school : धर्मनिरपेक्ष vs धार्मिक

धर्मनिरपेक्ष vs धार्मिक

Modern school’s secular setup acts worse than chemically loaded food toxins.

Instead of eating with scientifically superior method (eating by hands), this secular setup will force your kid to always keep arrogant distance from food, all in name of etiquette!

You pay hefty sum as fee! Don’t you? At least, raise voice against such secular insanity and stop nonsensical alien practices!

The so called secular setup at school and home force children to learn robotic ways of eating. Whereas, धार्मिक(s) go by mother nature’s instruction. Difference? Between man and God. Be on God’s path. Be धार्मिक. Read this article: http://voyagegroupin.quora.com/Vedic-Wisdom-behind-eating-with-your-hands-Scientific-Benefits?ref=fb

DON’T BE A MORON PARENT. BE WISE> User common sense.

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