Festival driven life
Festival driven life

Festival reminds us change in mindset, change in worship, change in food, change in habits.

For Shravan and bhadrapada, two Hindu calendar months,, we joyously participate in detoxification of body by Tapas (fasting – both mental and physical). And then slowly Vata prakop is reducing and effect of Sun’s southern movement is increasing. Like paddy fields, body too is experiencing new beginning. It is time to re-establish seat of Ganesh to take care of गण (Body cells, microbes and environment). Time to eat Modak(मोदक).

Re-align your life with Hindu festivals and observe the magic. Even in present toxic world of air, water and food, you will revive. Think about it. Take care.

No Ebola or Bird-flu can dare to harm you. 🙂

Diet that mimics fasting appears to slow aging

Periodically adopting a diet that mimics the effects of fasting may yield a wide range of health benefits.

In a new study, Longo and his colleagues show that cycles of a four-day low-calorie diet that mimics fasting (FMD) cut visceral belly fat and elevated the number of progenitor and stem cells in several organs of old mice — including the brain, where it boosted neural regeneration and improved learning and memory.

Cancer cells starved out

Take care. During 4 months of monsoon and post-monsoon, digestive fire of our body is very low. चातुर्मास or 4 months fasting is prescribed. This does not mean complete aversion from food.

Eat less than your capacity. Eat daily at same time. Control over taste buds.

When we bless someone, we say: “जीवेत शरदः शतं” which means, May you live 100 post-monsoon seasons. This is only possible when regular fasting is observed.

Those who successfully pass through this time without any sickness symptoms, observe Dashera festival to celebrate victory over all possibilities to degenerate their life, against whom they fought and won.

Not only immunity, fasting is important for slow aging. Those who love self and family…will also love long life. Try fasting.