Child Development - Social responsibility
Child Development – Social responsibility

There are 100 families in one urban residential area. All of them decided to grow mango tree. 25 families believed that…mango tree should be exposed to all natural/man-made conditions so they decided to take no care of mango trees. Out of 25 orphan trees, 10 trees grew well and 15 died premature death after 3 months.

10 families were happy: “See, we told you. You don’t need to over conscious about trees. Let them grow as is and they will be fine. You unnecessary worry about mango trees. We just need to grow them and they will grow by learning from us and others. No extra care is required.”

So why did 10 orphan trees could survive and 15 died?
Three factors play role in growth of any organism
1) Seed quality 2) Environment 3) Eco-system

25 trees were lacking environmental help in terms of their caretaker so their chances of survival was reduced to 66%. Some of them were near trees who were taken care and had superior quality of seed so 10 trees could survive. 15 were unfortunate – they either lacked seed quality or eco-support (Support from other mango trees and their caretakers) or both.

Child development is like growing and nurturing mango tree. If you are carefree and firm believer that…let the child exposed to everything…and still your child is growing as expected, you and your kid are lucky ! Despite your carelessness, his/her eco-support (good teacher, good friends, good parents of their friends etc) and inherent seed quality or both helped him/her.
But still, your duty is compromised so there will be some compromise with development.

Seed quality of child development : Healthy food before and during pregnancy. Healthy habits. Stress-free home and work environment.

Environment: Food, Water, Air

Eco-System : Family, friends, neighbours

Growing child need all! He or she can grow without all luxuries you provide but not without healthy communities.

African Proverb
African Proverb