Rise in Cow slaughter after 1947

चमार जाती: चमार चमड़े का सामान बनाने वाला कर्मकार ।इस नाम की उत्पत्ति संस्कृत शब्द “चर्मकार” (चमड़े का काम करने वाला) से हुई है । उनका कार्य मृत पशुओं का व्यापार करनेका था|

Please note: चमार(s) deal with dead animals. Dead naturally.
In 1940, one of the Special Committees of the Indian National Congress opined that slaughter of cow and its progeny must be totally prohibited. However, strangely another Committee of the Congress opined that the skin and leather of cow and its progeny, which is fresh by slaughter should be sold and exported to earn foreign exchange. It opined against cow slaughter prohibition. It was in pursuance of such unfortunate recommendations, as well as pressure from the leather lobby that, in 1950, an order was issued by the Government of India that the skin of dead cow fetches less value in comparison to the skin of the slaughtered cows. State Governments were, therefore, advised not to introduce total prohibition on cow-slaughter.

Got the point? Congress! They were behind pumping greed in commoners! That is how slaughter was increased!

Don’t get surprised. So called Nationalist govt of BJP is walking on Congress path only with no radical change in slaughterhouses.