While running, walking, cycling in any form is useful, your intention makes a lot of difference subtly.

Basically, all our activities can be सात्विक,राजसिक,तामसिक. सात्विक being best.

Do you run for self-satisfaction and Personal achievements (marathon run time tracking for example) (राजसिक)? Or because you are high on drugs and the running gives wicked pleasure (तामसिक) ? Or you run for the sake of dharma (तीर्थ यात्रा, भक्ति फेरी – सात्विक)?

Of course, does not matter much in mundane life we live now.

But a point worth pondering upon!

Every year, at different point of time, in different seasons, people in villages, go for तीर्थयात्रा, पदयात्रा प्रवास.

Thousands of pilgrimage start walking towards Pilgrimage site and planning to reach at temple by Full moon mostly.

It is ideal way to celebrate वसंत/Spring. You burn excessive cough accumulated during winter. You spend healthy time with near and dear ones. You remain in nature! And since they walk with the faith, they rekindle strength to their faith!

No wonder, they are healthier then counterpart in cities where citizens hardly walk or run.

And while they walk, they keep the flame of dharma alive in all villages they visit on the way! 

Point is: Walk, Run, Cycle, Trek – do whatever you can. Do. In Nature. Every spring. Life habit. Make it a ritual. Ritual that you never forget to perform.