Overexposure to one-way entertainment medium (passive entertainment, where your involvement is just to clap), decelerates adult mind that behave like a child. The word for such adults is neoteny, the state resulting when juvenile characteristics are retained by the adults of a species.

That is what Indian youth is. Childish. For them, their personal entertainment matters most. Doesn’t matter is someone dies in neighborhood. They will continue with their DJ party.

The worse is yet to come. You and me will have to hire rented crowd for our own cremation. Days are not far.

Don’t take this personally or wrong but trust me and think about it. This is societal epidemic. Try to do introspection. I did and I found myself utterly stupid, wasting precious life behind toxic life-degenerative gossiping promoted by one-way entertainment mediums.

Another word for such group of adults is ; Adult-infantile.

Body age : (20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65)
Mental age: 15. Period. Full stop.

Same old teen age gossip. Who is good actor and who is better at long drive. Who made how much run in xyz team in abc format of game in home ground under flood lights! 🙁

Many of my friends are super intelligent.They are super successful in career and life otherwise. Superior in mental and physical strength. I can sense their hidden talents. But alas. 🙁 Life being wasted behind silly teen age gossips. If they realize this, our nation would get so many mighty adults.

Our motherland demands such wonderful youth in abundance. What is the use of demographic dividend ( Largest young population of the world) when majority of them are wasting life?

I hope you will not take this personally and think about my pledge. (Last time when I wrote like this, I lost some good friends 🙂 )