Cow Slaughter, Ghee, Fire Ritual and Weather Patterns



Rain rain, untimely rain again . From Kashmir to Kanya kumari 🙁

#BeefBan Banning cow slaughter is not mere about sentiments. Weather pattern of this land depends upon her.

धृतं तीव्रं जुहोतन ( यजु 3 2)
In holy fire, sacrifice ghee, the one that destroys all imperfections.
Use ghee for success of sacrifice. What is success measure?

निकामे निकामे नः पर्जन्यो वर्षन्तु
Timely and moderate rain.

Shakti peethams and Jyotiralingams are specific energy centers where when sacrificial ritual using गौ सहाय are performed regularly, monsoon and other seasons bestow life-enriching, famine-free, flood-free for consecutive years for Bharat. Evenly distributed tirth-Sthans(s) and never-ending sacrificial rituals at each location, play critical role in controlling weather patterns. Ghee is now procured from dairy, unethical practices, torture to Gau and her calves so rituals don’t bear fruits.

To counter the attack of artificial weather control (Google HAARP to know how US AirForce can control weather), only Gau will help. This may sound superlative and out of mind claim but understand this: Without गौ, this is impossible. Please note. If this is little difficult to digest, I suggest you to leave house and go for Tirth Yatra. Then only present your arguments here.🙂

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Desi Cow Ghee : Quantum Medicine



Ghee produced by churning is not food. It is live quantum medicine!

You are being brainwashed by your doctors, TV ads and dieticians that GHEE is not good for health. Avoid.

Majority of us rely on super market and popular brands for ghee sources. Only handful of us can identify pure ghee from fake.

Yellow color is popular identity of Gau-ghee.

On the other hand, gau-ghee is considered nectar in our culture. I can go on and on explaining benefits of ghee but Today, I will share only one point.

Ghee is rich in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).Grass-fed Gau can produce 300-500% more CLA than those of cattle fed the usual diet. CLA is anti-cancer fatty acids.
So if you eat ghee daily, your chances of affected by cancer due to polluted environment reduces drastically.

Important point is – For such medicinal ghee, Gau should be treated like a mother and in serene environment. Gau should be respected and cared by those who would like to consume ghee. Gau should graze grass freely and never being tied. Most important, it has to be desi breed gau without any crossbred or foreign breed ( Most temple gau shala are devoid of desi breed! Lol )

Do we have time for all of this? No. We have time for Sachin and Indian cricket gossip. We have time to watch useless bollywood movie but no time to invest in food.

Irony is, we can consume Rs 200 Bollywood ticket, Rs 1000 for Pizza party but when it is time to find and buy Rs 1500 to 2500 per Kg ghee from purest source, we back off!

Well, this is nothing but ignorant phase of our society. We deserve collapse. We deserve all diseases. We deserve suffering when gau is being slaughtered daily.

Take care. Be more active for food sources selection. Don’t blindly rely on brand names. There is never late in adapting good habit.

Desi Cow Ghee, Omega 3, Smoking Addiction, Bipolar Disorder



It is vicious cycle. You abandon mother and her prasad and the vacuum will be filled by vices.

Smoking leads to mental disorders.

Omega-3 intake reduces smoking addiction.

We also notes on this forum that Omega-3 intake also reduces Bipolar disorder symptoms.

गौ माता cures smoking addiction
Omega 3 = Desi Cow Ghee is full of it.
Lack of Omega-3 = Striving for addictions?

“it was found that taking omega-3 capsules significantly reduces nicotine craving and the number of cigarettes that people smoke a day”


A New Study Conducted at the University of Haifa Has Found Omega-3 Reduces Smoking

In a study performed by Dr. Sharon Rabinovitz Shenkar, head of the school of criminology department’s addiction program, it was found that taking omega-3 capsules significantly reduces nicotine craving and the number of cigarettes that people smoke a day

Taking omega-3 supplements reduces craving for nicotine and even reduces the number of cigarettes that people smoke a day, according to a new study conducted at the University of Haifa. “The substances and medications used currently to help people reduce and quit smoking are not very effective and cause adverse effects that are not easy to cope with. The findings of this study indicated that omega-3, an inexpensive and easily available dietary supplement with almost no side effects, reduces smoking significantly,” said Dr. Sharon Rabinovitz Shenkar, head of the addictions program at the University of Haifa’s school of criminology department and of the psychopharmacology laboratory at Bar-Ilan, who conducted this study.

Chronic exposure to smoke-derived toxicants is the primary cause of progressive pulmonary and immune dysfunctions, as well as carcinogenesis Cigarette smoking is connected not only to cardiovascular dysfunction, immune system dysfunction and cancer, it also reduces the levels of essential fatty acids in the brain, especially that of omega-3. A deficiency in omega-3 damages the cellular structure of nerve cells and interrupts neurotransmission in areas of the brain involved with feeling pleasure and satisfaction. These areas are essential in reward and decision-making, and are very important in the process of the development, maintenance and relapseof the addiction and to the inability to stop smoking. In simpler terms, omega-3 deficiency makes it harder for the smoker’s body to deal with its craving for another cigarette. “Earlier studies have proven that an imbalance in omega-3 is also related to mental health, depression and the ability to cope with pressure and stress. Pressure and stress, in turn, are associated with the urge to smoke. It is also known that stress and tension levels rise among people who quit smoking. Despite all this, the connection between all these factors had not been studied until now,” Dr. Rabinovitz Shenkar said.

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