Have you heard of Honey-hued ghee? As per this verse, MArut(s) promote honey-hued Ghrita (Ghee)

उपह्वरेषु यदचिध्वं ययिं वय इव मरुतः केन चित पथा |
शचोतन्ति कोशा उप वो रथेष्वा घर्तमुक्षता मधुवर्णमर्चते || Rig Veda Book 1 Hymn 87 – 2

Microbes play important role in churning process. Method (churning), material (milk from which cow) and Marut (Prana/Microbes) plays the role.

As the ghee becomes old, color changes. And this is not limited to ghee. It happens with honey and jaggery too. But when ghee becomes honey-hued, consider it to be most potent.

111 years old ghee is known as कुंभ सर्पी. This is excellent medicine for all Vata rogi(s). It works best for gloomy minds. It works best for blindness.
It is now rare to find it. Once the tradition of storage is broken, such medicated ghee and jaggery are now rare.
If ghee is stored and taken care by several generations, this कुंभ सर्पी can help for:
भूतघ्न(destroys evil spirits)
कफघ्न(alliviates kapha)
वातघ्न(alliviates vata)
बल्य(strength promoting)
मेध्य(boosts intelligence)
विशेषात् तिमिरापह(specially good for blindness)
सर्वभूत हर(destroys all evil spirits)

For your future generations sake, start preserving desi gau’s ghee.

How to use Purana ghritham – old ghee:
The old ghee is used in different ways –
Nasya – as nasal drops
Akshipoorana – a procedure called Tarpana – where in a black gram paste compound is constructed around eye and ghee is filled in it and left there for 5 – 10 minutes.
Abhyanga – massage or external application (as in case of non healing wounds)
Basti – enema
Pana – oral intake

1 year old ghee is slightly abhishyandi (sticks to inner side of body channels).
1 – 4 year old does not stick to inner side of channels
5 year old has mild astringent properties – Kashaya anurasa
10 year old gains mild pungent taste – Katu anurasa
above 10 year old ghee gains Rasayana properties – anti aging and rejuvenating.

Purana Ghrita – Old Ghee Uses, Dose, Side Effects