Wood used to be collected in ancient India. Iron tools were used only for those trees which had completed life and are dead. Iron tools were banned for cutting any living healthy trees. (There are still few communities in Rajasthan who follow this ritual)

Though we are intelligent enough to invent mechanical wood cutters, we did not. Such a destructive technology was always avoided.

Only collected wood was used for fire rituals and daily routine use.

Sign of moron society:

We boast for our technological prowess. We buy a cutter and mindlessly cut all trees. In addition, consumers of this wood are never connected with the jungle. They are mindless consumer parasites.

This is because we no more consider nature sacred. We feel that humans are superior and must rule the earth by consuming her resources like a parasite. We no more include prayers in school! (Yes! This was shocker when my friend shared it yesterday! There are some pseudo-secular schools who don’t have prayers in school routine!) Once you disconnect kids from nature, they will never have respect for nature. No respect, no duties. Morons!