प्रचोदयात् – प्रेरयेत् – May he inspire!

In Hindu scheme of life, one of the most profound Idea that I love most is: initiation of young and novice, at his/her onset of matured age of 5-7-9-11 (based on जन्म वर्ण or innate constitution) to Maa Gayatri.

You or me don’t initiate the kid! It is Maa Gayatri, who continuously shapes आधिभौतिक देह from age 0 days to age 5-7-9-11. And when the subject is ready, she initiates the novice into a systematic life. Disciplined life. One more opportunity opens up for self-realization, highest knowledge.

प्रचोदयात् the final word of the Gayatri Mantra, rounds off the whole mantra, and completes the request we make to Maa. If there is any inspiration needed for life, may he inspire!!

प्रचोदयात् is about drawing inspiration from the center, from the source. Draw inspiration and be the inspiration.

यो देवः सवितास्माकं धियो धर्मादिगोचरः|
प्रेरयेत् तस्य यद् भर्गः तं वरेण्यमुषास्महे||

‘जो सविता देव हमारी बुद्धि को धर्म में प्रेरित करता है उसके श्रेष्ठ भर्ग (तेज) की हम उपासना करते हैं।

We meditate on the excellent light of the deva called SavitA who directs our intellect towards the ways of dharma.