1) All Ayurvedic Samhitas aimed at the increase of the vital energy i.e. ओजस. Or in other words, they prefer to increase prana Shakti by various means.
2) It is Prana that heals magically.
3) Complete healing is possible when doctor touches all layers of पञ्चकोषीय शरीर. It is impossible for all doctors to heal completely. Majority doctors work on स्थूल शरीर only. Only few know to connect with प्राणमय शरीर. And handful of gems can create impact on मनोमय & आनंदमय and beyond.
4) If you are a doctor, you must do Sadhana regularly. You must follow rituals to cleanse your पञ्चकोषीय शरीर.

Part 1 of 4) If you are a doctor, you must do Sadhana regularly.

-> This is necessary to refine doctor’s own senses. Without razor sharp senses and intellect, it is not possible to detect right cause of disease. Even after so many modern diagnosis tools, doctors fail. Why? Answer lies in here.
-> To reach out to patient’s all layers of पञ्चकोषीय शरीर is not a kid’s job. It requires God’s blessing and intense tapas.

Part 2 of 4)

-> Karmic debts does not vanish. Modern doctors use hand sanitizers after treating patients so that they remain safe from physical toxic waste of the patient. The real doctor ( who is capable of uprooting diseases from all layers) does get affected by patient’s different layers of body. To serve the community for long, doctor must cleanse his/her own पञ्चकोषीय शरीर too. There is reference to this in Aghora book.