Engineering hijacks Healing Art



To tackle manifest symptoms and signs without touching the disease itself is like carpeting road for hiding potholes. Temporary solutions. 🙂 That is not science.

-Chemo-, hormono-, radio-and surgical therapies for cancer or coronary artery disease tackle manifest symptoms and signs but hardly helps in touching and correcting root causes.

Science? You are kidding! that is no science! that is at the best engineering patch work 🙂

Science focuses on root causes.

Zinc : Shashtric prescription vs Modern prescription



If you remember, few days back, I shared how Ayurveda embraces Zinc! And how it can prevent Type 2 Diabetes!

Reproducing it from Nov 26, 2016 status:

“Yashada Bhasma (calcinated Zinc) is shashtric prescription for Diabetes Type 2 type immune disorders, known to Indians for 50000+ years.
Modern medicine finds its utility in 2015. Just now! Last year! 😉
And Ayurveda is blamed for using heavy metals!! What an insult to the real science!”

Now, we find Today, that Zinc also have a profound, positive impact on cellular health that helps fight infections and diseases. It also protects against DNA wear and tear stress!!

Sooner we realize importance of our roots and align life with it, better for our future! For that to happen, we must come out of slavish mindset who see anything Hindu/Indian with doubt but appreciate Ivy League studies blidnly!



Health : Synergy of Time, Mind, and the objects of the senses



“Of all diseases, physical and mental, the causes, in brief, are three, viz., adverse correlation, absence of correlation, and excessive correlation, of Time, Mind, and the objects of the senses.”

1) seasons, months, fortnights, weeks, days,
2) infancy, youth, manhood, and decrepitude

Time, mind, and the objects of the senses ‘have relations with each other and one another. When the harmony of these relations is disturbed, the result is disease.

A person in a certain season or a certain age may do that with impunity which in another season or another age may be productive of harm.

Record keen observations about your own body and ask: Are time, Mind, and the objects of the senses rightly correlated?

No? Go, see your kindhearted Doctor who doesn’t treat patient for earning and get it corrected.

Modern Physics for Ayurveda and Homeopathy: Interactions with water dominate how drug molecules


One of the most fundamental brainwashing modern education in general and modern medicine does to her students is, absolute brainwash to hate indigenous medicines and their power. And due to this, they will never try to investigate the methods and impact deeper.

In Ayurveda, all medicines are prepared by giving संस्कार to raw materials. All medicines are alive and catalysts. Water, Ghee, milk, cow-urine are often used to improve efficacy of herbs.

Read this and open your mind. Quantum Physics is helping and giving potent hints! Embrace your roots. Don’t turn medicine into greed machine. Save your karma.




Advancing the description of ‘mysterious’ water to improve drug design

Interactions with water dominate how drug molecules bind to targets, but it’s tricky to model these interactions, limiting the accuracy of drug design. In a recent paper in The Journal of Chemical Physics, from AIP Publishing, William A. Goddard III and Saber Naserifar from the California Institute of Technology describe their novel approach to building a new description of water (known as a force field) and demonstrate its accuracy.

Goddard, a professor of chemistry and applied physics, was “flabbergasted” by the results. “The description we get fits nearly all properties of water unbelievably accurately, far better than any previous force field,” he said.

Quantum mechanics can only describe accurately small systems, so our understanding of liquid water relies on simulations using force fields. Despite decades of work, current force fields fail to describe simultaneously all properties of water. “One force field might give the correct density and vaporization of water, but could be 100 degrees off the melting point,” said Goddard. “It sounds pretty bad, but it is all we’ve had.”

These incomplete models restrict drug design and limit our understanding of industrial solvent reactions, fueling scientists to investigate some of water’s anomalous characteristics. For example, it has been suggested that when water is supercooled to low temperatures it may exist as both a high- and low-density liquid, an anomaly that could be understood much better if a good force field for water were available.

Managing Sickness : संस्कृति Approach vs Civilization Approach


“Where nature is, there is health; where *Civilization is there is diseases.”
– E E Printon

Civilization here is a outcome of human arrogance which does not see nature as Mother but tries to control Nature by exploring it.

Reason why I insist संस्कृति and not civilization.

Managing Sickness : संस्कृति Approach vs Civilization Approach

Ultimate objective of mother nature behind all her actions, is not to punish her children or teach a lesson but to firmly ingrain in their minds the importance of staying within the limits of dharma. So like our mothers, she is always caring and loving towards her children but whose love sometimes takes the form of anger and even punishment.

My culture teaches me – Instead of studying diseases, finding root causes behind them with reductionist attitude ( X event occurred because Y happened in past type conclusions of modern medicine, without considering whole set of complex events that happen in environment and our peers’ lives) , learn preventive care, contemplate on this observations about prevention, and try to live life as per dharma based regime.

And if you fail to prevent disease despite all preventive cares, accept the condition with smile and surrender to mother nature. She has all remedies for her beloved. She had given your body, she knows the remedy too.

Ayurveda teaches concept of स्वभावोपरम principle. Body will tend to restore self to own स्वभाव, own birth prakriti. We as a caretaker of body, only need to provide conductive environment by controlling food, sleep and actions.

Diet Dictators’ Fancy about more micro meals per day



One thing is sure: It is very easy to convince Indians. Even educated ones. Even domain experts. In India, meal limitings were pretty much standards. 1 sumptuous meal when the sun in on the head and one light meal before sunset. Simple. But now since we have habit to mimic west blindly, many of us are living with all different sort of diet plans. All against the nature of your body!

This is against such mindless diet dictators proposing unscientific diets to the mass, asking to eat less but take more meals!

In Ayurveda, there is simple rule. Eat only when you are hungry. Identify false-hunger. Eat only when you are really really hungry.

The right time to consume food is:

प्रसृष्टे विण्मूत्रे हृदि सुविमले दोषे स्वपथगे |
विशुद्धे चोद्गारे क्षुदुपगमने वातेऽनुसरति ||अष्टांग ह्रदय सूत्र

    • After elimination of bowels and urine ( प्रसृष्टे विट् मूत्रे )
    • When the mind is devoid of emotions ( हृदि सुविमले )
    • When Doshas are functioning normally ( दोषे स्वपथगे )
    • When belching has no smell ( विशुद्धे च उद्गारे )
    • When hunger starts ( क्षुदुपगमने )
    • When the body is light ( देहे च सुलघौ )

Ayurveda advises not to consume food frequently.

Modern science confirms it. Modern research by an Indian origin.



Scientists at the Salk Institute found that mice lacking the biological clocks thought to be necessary for a healthy metabolism could still be protected against obesity and metabolic diseases by having their daily access to food restricted to a 10-hour window.

The work, which appeared in the journal Cell Metabolism on August 30, 2018, suggests that the health problems associated with disruptions to animals’ 24-hour rhythms of activity and rest—which in humans is linked to eating for most of the day or doing shift work—can be corrected by eating all calories within a 10-hour window.

“For many of us, the day begins with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning and ends with a bedtime snack 14 or 15 hours later,” says Satchidananda Panda, a professor in Salk’s Regulatory Biology Laboratory and the senior author of the new paper. “But restricting food intake to 10 hours a day, and fasting the rest, can lead to better health, regardless of our biological clock.”

Every cell in mammals’ bodies operates on a 24-hour cycle known as the circadian rhythm—cellular cycles that govern when various genes are active. For example, in humans, genes for digestion are more active earlier in the day while genes for cellular repair are more active at night. Previously, the Panda lab discovered that mice allowed 24-hour access to a high-fat diet became obese and developed a slew of metabolic diseases including high cholesterol, fatty liver and diabetes. But these same mice, when restricted to the high-fat diet for a daily 8- to 10-hour window became lean, fit and healthy. The lab attributed the health benefits to keeping the mice in better sync with their cellular clocks—for example, by eating most of the calories when genes for digestion were more active.


Aging, Diet Change and Mood Disorders



As we age, our prakriti changes from Kapah in childhood, Pitta in middle age and Vata during old age. Problem with modern living, devoid of common sense legacy (due to disrespect for elders, traditions and science of living), we never change our diet according to our age. This lead to unimagined chaos in the GUT. Too many toxins or Ama. I see so many above 60s, eating in restaurant quite often! Disasters in making, for self and for family!

Ageing is a multidimensional process of physical, physiological and psychological degenerative change. Ayurveda has precise prescriptions for all. Lest we pay attention to the roots!

Read this modern research to realize and respect our roots. Adjust your food intake and food selection as per your age.


Assessment of dietary factors, dietary practices and exercise on mental distress in young adults versus matured adults: A cross-sectional study

The importance of the diet in modulating mental health is uncovering as many dietary factors have been described to alter brain chemistry. Brain maturation may not complete until the age of 30 which may explain the differential emotional control, mindset, and resilience between young adults and matured adults. As a result, dietary factors may influence mental health differently in these two populations.

Objectives: To study dietary intake, dietary practices and exercise in young adults (YA) (18–29 years) versus matured adults (MA) (30 years and older) in relation to mental distress. Another aim was to assess whether mental well-being potentially stimulates healthy eating, healthy practices, and exercising.

Methods: An anonymous internet-based survey was sent through social media platforms to different professional and social group networks. Best-fit models were constructed using the backward regression analysis to assess the relationship between dietary variables, exercise, and mental distress in YA versus MA.

Results: YA mood seems to be dependent on food that increases availability of neurotransmitter precursors and concentrations in the brain (such as frequent meat consumption and exercise, respectively). However, MA mood may be more reliant on food that increases availability of antioxidants (fruits) and abstinence of food that inappropriately activates the sympathetic nervous system (coffee, high glycemic index, and skipping breakfast).

Discussion and conclusion: Level of brain maturation and age-related changes in brain morphology and functions may necessitate dietary adjustments for improving mental well-being.



Body with Disturbed Mind has no cure



If medicines don’t show effect, physical body is not the culprit. Suffering has more deeper roots. Disturbed social relations? Discontent with life? Dissatisfaction? Mood disorder?

Good doctor should also be a good social detective too. For successful recovery, to do root-canal of disease, he/she must learn to cure social/mental issues of his/her patients.

Disturbed mind cannot be cured by physical body solutions. Pain-killer pills will temporary kill the pain however due to disturbed mind, body’s indigestion will continue and all series of life-style diseases.

Body as Ecology, Gut as Forest and Restoration as Cure


Body is not only ecology system. Like our mother earth, it also has self-healing attribute!

If we talk about Svabhavaparam-स्वभावोपरम principle of Ayurveda, educated arrogant Indians see it as DESI and inferior guess-work. But when a western university scientist talk about it with modern terminology, it is cool, trendy and perfect!

Probiotic food, Rama, Ravana and Dussehra

स्वभावोपरम : Principle of Self-healing

To return to stable state is not only nature of the human body but our mother earth and all her children. What we need to administer is nothing but a support for speedy recovery.

Chronic diseases of modern times are result of torture, be it mental or physical. We see body as machine and ignore it for first 30 years. And when it is in aging route, we start feeling different issues! Body also tries to restore normal state but since aging and torture, both are at work, we often see premature deaths.

Here is the interesting paper and perspective. Hope we learn from it.


OSU biologist advocates ecological approach to improving human health

Chronic diseases like cancer, autoimmune disorders and obesity may ultimately vanquish the efforts of medical intervention unless people change their diet, an Oregon State University biologist argues in a paper published this week.


“I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and put on a monoclonal antibody inhibitor for life,” he said. “Except that I cleaned up my diet, stopped getting the gut irritation, cut out the monoclonal antibody inhibitor, and my symptoms are gone. Two doctors overturned the Crohn’s diagnosis in writing.

“All of that inspired me to think about ways that my knowledge of restoration ecology might help to guide physicians away from treating and misdiagnosing other people the way that they had treated and misdiagnosed me.”

Gut microbes perform a wide range of beneficial functions. Among other things, they produce nutrients in the form of short-chain fatty acids and vitamins, control blood sugar and weight, reduce inflammation and even improve mental health and psychological well-being.

And as with natural habitats, where successful restoration techniques will vary from year to year and place to place depending on individual circumstances, gut restoration requires a similar approach – one toward personalized medicine given that no two gut sets of gut microbiota are identical.

Except for that they’re all essential to the person’s health and all subject to disturbances, including the food people eat and the medicine they take.

“Nineteenth-century research identified microbes as agents of disease and set the stage for 20th-century breakthroughs in antibiotic therapies,” Orr said. “But antibiotic resistance is now a global crisis, and we’re also now aware that antimicrobials can harm beneficial species too.”

Butter-Milk and Summer Dieseases



सर्व रोग हरं तक्रम् |
All diseases of summer heat can be cured by taking छास/तक्र (butter milk) daily.

Source of तक्र : Ethically obtained milk of Desi Gau (No hormone injections, no artificial pregnancy, no exploitation of calf, no food starvation, enough fresh flowing water, enough pastures to graze, no processed food, no antibiotics, no ghettos but free grazing)

छास/तक्र obtained and administered ethically can cure cancer too.

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