In this information age, I have seen common public feeling more powerful and educated. So they become their own doctors. For common sicknesses, they take decisions for self and family members without consulting doctors. And these decisions are not about home remedies but allopath medicines!

One thing we all miss is: No chemical-drug come without side effect. Some of them come with severe side effects. So it is not worth to take them often. Instead, design your life routine, food, habits in such a way that you don’t really need medicines.

For pain relief, headache, mild fever, stress, depression etc, I suggest you to never take medicines in haste. Even when doctor prescribes, take second opinion.

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Vioxx (Rofecoxib) was a pain relief drug.Ads for Vioxx features Olympic gold medalists Dorothy Hamill and Bruce Jenner. Vioxx was prescribed to more than 20 million people. It was in market for more than 5 years!

And later it was found that it increased risk of heart attack and stroke; linked to about 27,785 heart attacks or sudden cardiac deaths between May 20, 1999 and 2003.

🙂 So take care. It is always good to rely on natural remedies, your kitchen pharmacy for common cold, low grade viral infection, pain, stress, depression, headache etc. (Y) And never become your own self-appointed allopath doctor! 😀

Take care. Prevention is the only cure in this era. Be regular in routine, be stress-free and save yourself from unforeseen sicknesses.

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