प्राणापानौ व्रीहियवाव् अनढ्वान् प्राण उच्यते |
Rice and barley are Apana and Prana.
व्रीहि = Rice = Represents Apana (अपान). Presents in all rituals. Including Fire rituals. Almost majority Indian’s staple food. The first thing that any infant eat during अन्नप्राशन संस्कार is rice. Rice is the original and most effective ORS solution for dehydrated body (due to heat or vomiting or diarrhea)
Apana (अपान) = Form of Prana that helps in purging toxins from body.
Physical toxins and mental toxins.
If rice is your staple food, it is because you need it to eliminate toxins. If it is not, you really don’t need it. 🙂
Food is always local.
If the need is Apana, rice.
If the need is Prana, barely.
How do we kill medicinal properties of rice?
1) Chemical farming
2) Genetic modifications
3) Polishing
So, what do we miss due to above 3 actions?
The medicinal rice!
Accumulation of toxins. More in those who has rice as staple food. That results into rapid aging. Early Grey hairs.
Next time, prefer organically grown non-polished satvik rice for rituals. May the rice rise feeling of purge to clean body and mind before you start any शुभ काम! _()_ 🙂
 PS: When I talk about local food, it is always about the food possible to grow locally.