In Indian traditions, life is considered very precious mega event of infinite journey we all are travelling. Life is considered precious and valuable. So, all activities carry purpose. Yes, all. Even entertainment and sports too.

Art and creative expressions of Bharat were deeply deliberative and sophisticated traditions rooted from local cultures. Every region has her own types of folk songs and kridas (Sports and plays). All of them are designed or say evolved to nurture various sentiments of human nature.
Creativity had context and ideology and certainly was not rootless, random, passively reactive to external influences (like current state of Bollywood). And yes creativity was not limited to few individuals. It was participative culture where everyone participate, unlike one way culture of ours where only TV and Cinema screen bombards images and we passively guzzle them all, anything and everything.

What is being sold in name of art in creativity in modern Bollywood (except few exceptions) is nothing but junk and chaos. Degenerative in nature. Sucking life out of your senses. Slow poison. Why should we embrace such low forms of acts in such a short life?

Do we want to gift culture of Sex, Smoke and Selfish relations to our next generation?

Well, yes, it looks like when you observe majority parents around you. Unfortunate kids. Unless you stop watching nonsensical entertainment, kids will follow you. 🙂Take care.