In dark, rainy, stormy night, in an hour of stillness and dead slumber, a thief entered the treasure-room of a peaceful family, and stole away all precious metal and property, and in the mad joy of his possession ran aback over twenty miles of wet ground, and betook himself as quite safe from tile grasp of the owner. But the light dawned, and the owner awoke in full consciousness of his stolen property. Fearlessly and resolutely’ but in entire calm of his mind, he began the track and slowly but surely reached the rendezvous and seized the thief with the treasure which he had appropriated.

This is but mere metaphor.

I have nothing to do with the stealth and with the property, but with the indelible, unmistakable footprints, not of a thief, but of a Creator on the frame of the universe, the wise man, who has his intellect illumined by universal benevolence, bent upon finding out the first cause, begins his inquiry, and, slowly but steadily tracing Nature back to its source, halts at God.

There the inquisitive and penetrative faculties of the intellect are cooled to satisfaction, and lie in peaceful repose in the enjoyment of the treasure thus found. To such a mind, what are the different objects of this universe? They are the footprints of Deity, the postmarks tracked by the divine rays of wisdom along their path of action.
– Pandit Gurudatt

Take the untrod path and blaze the trail by unveiling footprints of nature, the ultimate

What do Rishis do when they are invigorated with the light thus received?
Do they write books to document their experience? No.
Do they debate to prove their superiority? No.
Do they go online to type and share? No.
They walk the untrod path as a trailblazer, to share their bounty with their fellow-brethren, the whole race of mankind. And rest of the world documents it as dharma-shashtra of their time.


Each and every sound can be a mantraM, to be meditated upon. but for that one needs to understand the acoustics of the mouth, vibrations of sounds, meaning of the letters of the language. specially in sanskrit each letter sound has a meaning.

e.g. the first consonants
क (ka) means – brahmA, viShNu, kAmadeva, agni (fire), vAyu (wind), sUrya (sun) etc.
ख (kha) means – sky (khaga = those that move in the sky = birds), heaven, senses of perception, field (farm), void
ग (ga) means – gandharva (celestial singers, dancers), adjective for gaNesha (gaN gaNapataye namaH)

Every plant has some medicinal use. even the poisonous ones have use in fighting venom.

Everyone has some qualities that they can contribute to the society. we are all born with some innate nature and acquire skills. we all are doing some karma all the time! even the so called bad karma doers can be used positively. police uses ex-criminals to help them find new ones. a master lock-picker may help a security company to make better locks?

In all this what is missing? what is lacking?

A yojaka,the one who manages, connects, enables, organizes. one who properly ‘connects’ the ‘parts’ to make the ‘whole’ functional at its best.