dincharyA education
dincharyA education

Our body is a clock. In fact, several billion clocks together, each in individual cell, each for community of cells i.e. organs. Unfortunately, they are not like mechanical clocks.

Organ level clocks have varied sunrise point (time when it is active most for designated activity). Morning time is the lung time. Midday is stomach time, when we feel hungry. Afternoon is liver time, and late afternoon is when the colon and kidneys operate at their peak.

Not only organs, our vital energy (Prana) also work on its own sunrise time. Our constitution also has different sunrise time. For example, 6 A.M.–10 A.M. is kapha time, 10 A.M.–2 P.M. is pitta time and so on.

Based on these clocks, one should design daily routine i.e. दिनचर्या. Daily routine helps us to maintian harmony among all vital forces working to keep our identity alive (cells, prana, swabhav, ahmkara etc).

Student life is dedicated to learn all of this by self-realization so that one can live Grihasthi jivan with minimal struggles.

Do our schools teach this? Oh no, our schools teach how to help NGOs. How to take care of patients and such after-shock care plans. Prevention is not in syllabus.