I really feel pity when educated Indians demand clinical trials data for ageless healthy traditions like Panchgavya.
Despite clinical trials, so many modern pharma medicines have failed. There is absolutely no control over side-effects. And this after the fact that origin of about 75% of antimicrobial and 60% of anticancer drugs approved for clinical use from 1981 to 2002 could be traced back to nature[1] ! Yes, despite mimicry of the nature, modern pharma act stupidly!
And we demand clinical trials for nature’s cure? 😀 😀
Sorry I don’t waste time in designing trials for Mother’s love (Panchgavya) when they are already helping many without any side-effect!
If you want to know out of curiosity, I can help but if you begin with doubt, no time for it. (Y) 🙂


  1. So true,

    Amazingly Marut you give smart answers to all the Questions we face being on this path of Gau samvardhan se Swasth samverdhan
    Thanks for Being online teacher……..