Difference between manure and chemical fertilizer is as simple as you eat raw grains and cooked rice-dal.

Try eating raw rice dal for some time and observe struggle of your stomach. Do one thing: First eat 10 gm of weekly salt. Then eat 10 gm of each spices. And then some raw vegetables for next day. And third day, uncooked rice. And so on…good meals, right? Try it and see how much stress your digestive track gets.

Same goes with plants when they are treated with raw chemicals as nutrients. This negatively impact their health by two ways

1) Lack of nutrition , Lack of prana, bad health, rapid ageing. By the time they come to your plate, they are dead food. Difficult to digest with no benefits.
2) Lack of prana triggers decay event so mother nature will manage cleaning staff i.e. bacteria. Attack of micro-lives who gather to eat dead chemicals. So pesticides as response and vicious circle goes on.

On the other hand, manure as a fertilizer and cow-urine, cow-butter milk as a pest control, are outcomes from natural/manual churning process. Full of prana. Digestible food. Friendly food. Cooked food. Food that soil loves. Food that bacteria loves.

Digestible (Churned at least once in animal’s digestive system) vs difficult to digest (Raw material)

Full of prana (Treated by animals and humans – high at prana shakti) vs lack of prana (Treated by machines i.e. entities low at prana shakti)

Selection of manure depends upon what plants love to eat. Most plants love Cow-manure in daily food. Do we provide? Well, we are living in critical manure-famine era. There are not enough mother cows to provide enough manure for all plants across all farms of the Nation.

Unless we stop vacuous slaughter of mother, this problem will remain unsolved.