Rain’s oldest friend : Conversation from backyard

Free dive from the sky, was lonely and painful.
Take off from self and crossing unknown winds was not so easy.

But, out of nowhere, petal of lovely flower suddenly came in my way..

Saved me, gave new form to my existence.

With doubts, droplet wondered and asked:

“Was it selfish act or selfless? Why did you save me? Why does someone ever help someone without reason?”

Petal answered:

“Dear water, did you ever answer same question I ask repeatedly since I was mere seed beneath the soil and you nurtured me for ages? No, because you have no answer, in fact, there is no reason exists for selfless love. Your existence as pearl is my gratitude for selfless love you poured in during my nurturance.

Let’s enjoy life without wasting time finding answers for banal questions!”

~ Monsoon 2008