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Your child and You: Growth vs Chaos

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Tremendous brain growth occurs in the first 7 years of life. In first two years, more dramatic than at any other age, overall brain size doubles in the first year, reaching about 70 percent of its adult size; it reaches 85 percent of adult size by age two.

During this time your baby’s brain is busily building structural and functional connectivity, creating the essential neuro-architecture to support life and learning.

Child brain demands maximum human interactions during this growth period. (Critical first 2 years and at least first 7 years).

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When you replace quality human interactions with technology, shortchanges a young child on the time and mix of experiences the sensorium (The areas of the brain that process and register incoming sensory information and make possible the conscious awareness of the world) needs for well-rounded development. Neurologically and psychologically, the tech effect becomes a wild card in your baby’s development.

Now a dear friends argues that: But child learns from TV (Even recent TATA TV ad also give this idea). Well, learning at the cost of growth? What TV can teach, you can easily demonstrate. When you demonstrate, you actually help brain in growth.

The brain is not machine, and is designed to develop in all the areas through natural human interactions and play, and by putting kids in front of screens we are changing their brains.

Take care or live in self-denial and compromise your kid’s growth. What I presented here are crude biological facts. Opposing them will invite nothing but a self-goal 🙂.


“Look, the brain of the child is shaped by the interactions they have with parents—that’s just absolutely clear. We need to be in the physical and relational world before we reduce it down to screens.”

You already spend 8 hrs in sleep. 10 hrs at work. 2 hrs in daily chores. You left with 4 hrs. From this 4 hrs, you give 2 hrs to your entertainment dosage (TV, Internet, Mobile).

Your kid gets only 2 hrs per day. Kids are not machines that you can take care on weekends. They need continuous interactions.

Election of King in Dharma-bound nation-state

Varna based Democracy
Varna based Democracy

There are misconceptions propagated in our society that in ancient times of Bharat, Nation-states were always ruled by son of the King. This is not complete truth. Selection of successor was never exclusively birth based. As Kalidasa described precisely in this verse of raghuvaMsham.

अथेतरे सप्तरघुप्रवीरा ज्येष्ठम् पुरोजन्मतया गुणैश्च।
चक्रुः कुशम् रत्नविशेषभाजम् सौभ्रात्रमेषाम् हि कुलानुकारि ॥१६-१

“Then, the other seven brave princes of the Raghu family made Kusha – the eldest both by his being born first and by his possessing virtues…”

The king is honored because of his qualities. It is not birth that makes a king. He is not respected so much because of his ancestry, as for his prowess, strength and valor. There were of course instances where seat of king was claimed by mere birth. But we are not talking about failed states or average states. When we look at the history and learn the lesson from it, we must thrive for best of it. And the best is, selection of King by qualities.

To support Kalidasa’s words, we have Allahbad Pillar inscription which records that Samudra Gupta was chosen among other princes of the family who were rendered crestfallen.


Segregation is Natural. Every individual is unique and unparalleled. Every individual must be recognized, provided nurture and respected.
Nature teaches co-operation and co-existence. Love n harmony.

It is half truth when someone says that only Qualities are important and not Varna. Similarly, it is also half truth when someone says that only birth is enough to decide Kingly qualities.

Best way to summarize: Out of all Kshtriya clans, the most powerful (full of Kingly traits) becomes the King with Praja’s (Citizen’s) consent.

Monsoon and Clothes

Monsoon and clothes img src:
Monsoon and clothes
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Clothes do not see Sun much often in monsoon so there are high chances that they will act as breeding ground of pathogens.

It is advisable to do fumigation of cow-dung dry cakes to control breeding of pathogens and hence any possible sickness due to them. If cow-dung dry cakes are not available, use Ajwain from your kitchen pharmacy.

Medicinal Smoke (Havan) Reduces Airborne Bacteria*


As per this research paper:

“This study represents a comprehensive analysis and scientific validation of our ancient knowledge about the effect of ethnopharmacological aspects of natural products’ smoke for therapy and health care on airborne bacterial composition and dynamics, using the Biolog microplate panels and Microlog database. We have observed that 1h treatment of medicinal smoke emanated by burning wood and a mixture of odoriferous and medicinal herbs (havan sámagri=material used in oblation to fire all over India), on aerial bacterial population caused over 94% reduction of bacterial counts by 60 min and the ability of the smoke to purify or disinfect the air and to make the environment cleaner was maintained up to 24h in the closed room. Absence of pathogenic bacteria Corynebacterium urealyticum, Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens, Enterobacter aerogenes (Klebsiella mobilis), Kocuria rosea, Pseudomonas syringae pv. persicae, Staphylococcus lentus, and Xanthomonas campestris pv. tardicrescens in the open room even after 30 days is indicative of the bactericidal potential of the medicinal smoke treatment. We have demonstrated that using medicinal smoke it is possible to completely eliminate diverse plant and human pathogenic bacteria of the air within confined space.”

Why respect and follow local food traditions?


Ghee is a tradition here. Olive oil is a tradition in Europe. Soybean in china. All suitable for respective local environment. If you live in China, you should eat Soybean. But in India? Why? Food Tradition does not come up overnight from scientist’s lab like your Crosin tablet that works everywhere with same side effects 😀.

Traditions emerge from social labs, our homes, by live experiments over several generations, under the guidance of Rishi personalities (The one with sharp and blessed observation powers). Traditions exists because they have proved benefits to many. Fake traditions do not stand against the time. What is suitable here, may not work well in Canada. What is best in Canada, may not work here (For example Canola oil).

Trust and follow your local food habits passed to you by parents, and get benefited. Doubt and live in self-denial? Loss of all benefits. Pay the price.

Side note: One of the hidden benefits of respecting food traditions is reduced transport due to demand of exotic food. Think about it. You can make huge difference!

Superman of Facebook and Activism

Online Activists
Online Activists

I repeat this message again to remind myself as well as my friends that, there is only one life where you can create real impact and it is outside your Facebook wall so it is not worth spending precious hours in petty online debates.

Human thoughts elaborate progress of individual’s intelligence when speech (Face to face verbal Communication) is the harvest of thought and relation between words and mouth that speak is observed carefully. And intellectuals (self-proclaimed) spend infinite time online on petty debates and discussions. Amount of time activists and young politicians spend in online debates is prime indicator of their walk in wrong direction.

How can that be possible in online discussions where face to face meeting is distant reality?

If you want remain true to your self, your conviction, go offline regularly, meet more and more new people and exchange your ideas with them. This is the only way to create critical mass against all our societal issues. Debates are mere intellectual feasts if they are not backed efforts in the field. Go and penetrate self in people, the real faces! Get real!


उमान मान गति संहति सार वर्ण
स्नेह स्वर प्रकृति सत्व मनूकमादै|
क्षेवंमृजोच विधिवत कुशल-वबय
सामुद्रविदवति यात मनागतंवा ।

– वराहमिहिर

If you are clever observer, careful observation of man/woman for his/her height,weight,gait,compactness,strength,complexion,glossiness,voice,natural character,courage,impressions of previous birth,parts of body and natural lustre, reveals past and the future.

Microbes and Svadharma

Relation between I and my bacterial friends (Bacteria residing on my body)

Being धार्मिक = Promote symbiosis but respect differences


The term biologists use for our relations with Bacteria is ‘Amphibiosis’. A symbiotic relationship that under certain circumstances can be helpful and other circumstances can be harmful, with the helpful and harmful aspects referring to either host or symbiont.

The term we use for this “Dharmic Relation”. In dharmic relation, each participant is following own dharma. Own duty towards the integrity of the cellular complex called ‘Body’. Sometimes, cells forget their duty. When cells forget duty, it is important for rest of the dharmic*** body cells to purge them. Sometimes, bacteria(s) do not do their duty so immune system flush them from body. Sometimes, by accident or bad habits of ours, non-compatible life forms enter into body. For example, कृमि worms. Most of the times, such non-compatible disturbances happen when our ego “I” forgets to perform duties. For example, eat food anytime of the day. Now this disturbs the digestion cycle. So cells are are over-stressed. Some of them die prematurely. To purge them, bacteria play role. And we call it bacterial infection. Except us, with free will, everyone else in the nature has instinct driven will or in other words, mother nature drives them. So they always remain धार्मिक. It is our Ego who has to remain धार्मिक to maintain the optimum body state. We can do it by following local culture since it is evolved life routine to maintain symbiotic relation with others in same environment.

***Dharmic (धार्मिक) = The one who follows own dharma.

*** What is dharma?
Dharma has the Sanskrit root dhri, which means “that which upholds” or “that without which nothing can stand” or “that which maintains the stability and harmony of the universe.” Dharma encompasses the natural, innate behavior of things, duty, law, ethics, virtue, etc. Every entity in the cosmos has its particular dharma — from the electron, which has the dharma to move in a certain manner, to the clouds, galaxies, plants, insects, and of course, man.

Why food matters?

Food matters img src:
Food matters
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Apart from external environmental factors affecting mind space, it is our polluted food and water sources, that play major role in weakening our psyche and slip ourselves in the mode societal corruption.
When people talk about neurological disorders, they consider only those disorders which exhibit visible symptoms (Autism, Phobias etc). For me, lack of integrity or moral perversion is also a neurological disorder, albeit silent one. It is getting diagnosed, only during harvesting time of past deeds of individual. And in most cases, it is never diagnosed during life time.

Corruption in society is resultant of polluted food origins. While working on correcting political system, it is equally important to see that majority of us, get nutritional food, both physical and mental.
Mental food by disinfecting Education system, physical food by disinfecting agriculture.
If you think you are sane citizen, contribute, in your capacity possible, for politics, education and agriculture.

With corrupted and weak psyche and body of majority in us, it is difficult to penetrate sane reformative ideas in our minds.

You go and explain, ideal democracy but if the other person is devoid of pure food and water, it is difficult for him being receptive and understand sane ideas necessary to change the Nation’s destiny from current shoddy state. Even if he/she understands, he/she won’t do much in action due to weak body and mind. For survival, compromises happen and saga of personal involvement in corruption continues.

Food -> Education -> Political awareness -> Critical Mass for change -> Revolution

Any upheaval, out of reaction, would remain temporary since roots are corrupt and in hibernation. With favorable environment to flourish, weakness will sprout again and reforms will topple again towards nadir.

If roots are replaces by food and education, it is difficult for any external force to break strong National fabric.

Political awareness minus Food and Education -> Revolution minus prolonged stability.

Study links LED light and cancer

Facebookiya Nationalists often quote Israel as being ideal Nation to follow.
If I share this with them that Israel is thinking to ban LED bulbs, what will be their reaction, keeping in mind Indian govt’s LED scheme obsession? 🙂
Their obvious reaction : “You are anti-national, anti-modi! ” 😀 😀
“In earlier studies on the effects of artificial light, Prof. Haim, head of the Center for Interdisciplinary Chronobiological Research at the University of Haifa, linked artificial light to obesity and cancer.
In this latest study, conducted by astronomers, physicists and biologists from ISTIL- Light Polution Science and Technology Institute in Italy, the National Geophysical Data Center in Boulder, Colorado, and the University of Haifa, researchers for the first time examined the differences in melatonin suppression in a various types of light bulbs, primarily those used for outdoor illumination, such as streetlights, road lighting and mall lighting.
The researchers suggest limiting the use of white light and using only the amount of light needed for a task.
As a first step in Israel, the Standards Institution of Israel should obligate bulb importers to state clearly on their packaging what wavelengths are produced by each bulb. If wavelength indeed influences melatonin production, this is information that needs to be brought to the public’s attention, so consumers can decide whether to buy this lighting or not, Prof. Haim says.”
Forget BJP, forget Modi, for your family’s better health, reduce exposure to artificial light! That is best energy saving! 😉 😛

LED , Light controlled Genes And Mental Blindness

Light Controlled Humans - Soon! Img src:
Light Controlled Humans – Soon!
Img src:
Mental blindness is more dangerous. You see the world with fixed lenses that you cannot adjust! And so impaired vision 🙂
When I shared harmful effects of LED last week, many educated friends opposed. 🙂 Some of them called me fanatic opposing govt scheme. That is mental blindness! Whatever Narendra Modi govt does, is right! 😀
On the other hand, I come across friends from educated groups who cannot digest facts when I tell them that Suryanamskar in front of rising sun can alter your DNAs! They cannot even digest desi cow with hump producing superior milk because she is free to graze under sunlight! That is mental blindness.
Here, a paper for them from MIT

Controlling genes with light

A single pulse of light is enough to stimulate the protein binding and initiate DNA copying.


Although human cells have an estimated 20,000 genes, only a fraction of those are turned on at any given time, depending on the cell’s needs — which can change by the minute or hour. To find out what those genes are doing, researchers need tools that can manipulate their status on similarly short timescales.

That is now possible, thanks to a new technology developed at MIT and the Broad Institute that can rapidly start or halt the expression of any gene of interest simply by shining light on the cells.

The work is based on a technique known as optogenetics, which uses proteins that change their function in response to light. In this case, the researchers adapted the light-sensitive proteins to either stimulate or suppress the expression of a specific target gene almost immediately after the light comes on.

“Cells have very dynamic gene expression happening on a fairly short timescale, but so far the methods that are used to perturb gene expression don’t even get close to those dynamics. To understand the functional impact of those gene-expression changes better, we have to be able to match the naturally occurring dynamics as closely as possible,” says Silvana Konermann, an MIT graduate student in brain and cognitive sciences.

The ability to precisely control the timing and duration of gene expression should make it much easier to figure out the roles of particular genes, especially those involved in learning and memory. The new system can also be used to study epigenetic modifications — chemical alterations of the proteins that surround DNA — which are also believed to play an important role in learning and memory.



Side note:If light turns genes ON and OFF, is it not pseudo science to engage in gene modification (GMO food, Cancer treatment by gene injection etc) ?

The real issue with depleting crop yield or faulty immune system or increasing crop diseases or human sicknesses is not genes but Environment – The sunlight refractions in form of alien inorganic chemicals around.

There is certainly lack of प्राण around. And that switches OFF many vital genes.

Do Surya Namaskar daily. Spend time with the mighty father Sun everyday. Sunrise and Sunset. Do Homa/Agnihotra daily. And see the difference.

Zebu cattle, our Gau mata, has Surya Ketu Nadi. Let her graze the land freely and she will absorb Prana from the Sun and restore it in the soil so that we get Prana from the food.

Light = प्राण = सूर्य = Cellular intelligence.

Background noise may hinder toddlers’ ability to learn words

None. Read –> ‘None’. None of modern homes are suitable for child development.
Parents are always in argument mode. There is always some background noise of TV/Radio/Mobile.
Silence is rare event in modern urban homes.
Ignorant parents think that children are sleeping. So they go on fighting with each other and other family members/neighbours. Reckless parenting!!
Background Noise src:
Background Noise

Background noise may hinder toddlers’ ability to learn words

“Modern homes are filled with noisy distractions such as TV, radio, and people talking that could affect how children learn words at early ages. Our study suggests that adults should be aware of the amount of background speech in the environment when they’re interacting with young children.”

Children will rarely be in a completely quiet environment when learning. Parents and teachers may find that reducing background noise or highlighting important information can help children learn even when there is background noise. These suggestions may be especially important for low-income households because research shows that such homes on average have higher noise levels due to urban settings and crowding.

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