When you leave your loyal brand and embrace new thing, you psychologically feel very good.It is mind’s nature/स्वभाव. On top of it, if the marketing of this new product is done using popular sentiments, this feel-good feeling remains for long.

Those who are beyond this illusion, evaluate product’s impact correctly. Try to break the illusion and evaluate so called Swadesi products. Brand and company does not matter.

Prove it that the product sold as Ayurvedic toothpaste is really a shashtric prescription. If it is not, is it good idea to mislead Indians under the garb of Bhagwa (Saffron marketing) or Ayurvedic marketing? Is it not insult for roots?

My purpose of this post is to make friends realize that, adding herbs into chemical cocktail of preservatives does not make anything ayurvedic.

Always engage self in self-corrections. Find out, what is prescribed in Ayurveda for teeth.

Don’t be dumb driven cattle that anyone can exploit your sentiments and sell you garbage.

There is nothing like good desi garbage vs MNC garbage. Think about it.


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