निर्जला एकादशी


Jun 5, 2017 is निर्जला एकादशी. It is one of the most significant एकादशी. It is also called Bhimseni Ekadashi or Pandava Ekadashi. Bhim represents pre-dominant पित्त. This एकादशी is to calm down पित्त before monsoon arrives.
Those who have पित्त Prakriti, face hard times doing fast without any food or water on all 24 Ekadashis. At least, they should observe this एकादशी.
निर्जला means no water, no food. Try it. Experiment. See how you feel during this वर्षा ऋतु and शरद ऋतू (most vulnerable times of the year) after this experiment. If you cannot remain without water for whole 24 hrs. Try as much you can. Take a sip in between if निर्जला is too much as first timer. Take day off from work. Spend time in seclusion. If possible, go to river bank, jungle or any ashram.Restrain all your senses for 24 hrs.
Read the importance:
“Oh Bhimasena, in the Kali-yuga, the age of quarrel and hypocrisy, when all the principles of the Vedas will have been destroyed or greatly minimised, and when there will be no proper charity or observance of the ancient Vedik principles and ceremonies, how will there be any means of purifying the self? But there is the opportunity to fast on Ekadasi and become free of all one’s past sins.
“Oh son of Vayu, what more can I say to you? You should not eat during the Ekadasis that occur during the dark and light fortnights, and you should even give up drinking water (nir = no jalaa= water) on the particularly auspicious Ekadasi day of Jyeshtha-shukla Ekadasi. Oh Vrikodara (veracious eater), whoever fasts on this Ekadasi receives the merits of bathing in all the places of pilgrimage, giving all kinds of charities to worthy persons, and fasting on all the dark and light Ekadasis throughout the year, in one go. Of this there is no doubt.
Oh tiger among men, whoever fasts on this Ekadasi truly becomes a great person and achieves all manner of opulence and wealth, grains, strength, and health. And at the fearful moment of death, the terrible Yamadutas, whose complexions are yellow and black and who brandish huge maces and twirl mystic pasha ropes in the air for binding their victims, will refuse to approach him. Rather, such a faithful soul will at once be taken to the supreme abode of Lord Vishnu by the Vishnu-dutas, whose transcendentally beautiful forms are clothed in gorgeous yellowish garments and who each hold a disk, club, conch and lotus in their four hands, resembling Lord Vishnu. It is to gain all these benefits that one should certainly fast on this very auspicious and important Ekadasi, even from water.”