Maa Shakti
Maa Shakti

Why Creative power of the universe is always manifested as Female gender in most of idols in most cultures?

Many friends blame me for focusing more on mother’s role in parenting or why most of the times females in the family cook food for all.

You try all rational logic for equality but you will always fall short for subtle nature of शक्ति that all females posses.

Ayurveda says:

स्त्रीषु प्रतिर्विशेषेण स्त्रीष्वपत्यं प्रतिष्ठितम् ।।
धर्मार्थौ स्त्रीषु लक्ष्मीश्च स्त्रीषु लाका: प्रतिष्ठिाताः ॥
-चरक संहिता- चि० स्था० अ० २

‘‘प्रीति का निवास अधिकतर स्त्रियों में ही होता है। सन्तान की जननी भी वे ही होती हैं। धर्म स्त्रियों में रहता है, लक्ष्मी भी स्त्रियों में रहती है। इसलिए भी संसार स्त्रियों में ही स्थित है।’’

World exists due to love (प्रीति), procreation, dharma and wealth. So without worshiping her or she taking care of us (world/society/family), it is impossible.

(Food cooked without प्रीति is poison for me)

जननी जन्म काले च स्नेह काले च कन्यका ।।
भार्या भोगाय सम्पृक्ता अन्तकाले च कालिका ।।
एकैव कालिका देवी विहरन्तो जगत्त्रये ॥

‘‘वही महामाया जननी रूप में हमको जन्म देती है, कन्या के रूप में हमारी स्नेह की पात्र बनती है, भार्या के रूप में भोगदात्री बन जाती है और अन्त समय में कालिका के रूप में हमारी इहलीला संवरण कर देती है। इस प्रकार एक ही महादेवी तीनों लोकों में विचरण करती है ।’’

If शक्ति is not worshiped and revered, both in her divine form and human form, world will always remain devoid of धर्म,अर्थ,काम,मोक्ष. Without her blessings, it is impossible to imagine society at peace.

So I think it is futile exercise on female front to chase delusive gender equality. You are in fact the driver of the universe! Realize it!

On the other hand, males must surrender to mothers with reverence. Oppressing energy personified in human-form invites disasters. Mark my words.

And about seeking male child? That is modern pervert society. Ancient India never believed in such pervert ideas. Here are some notes from scriptures where Girl child is desired:

(1) Parents perform Kaamya-sraddhas on the second day of the moon in the hope of having a daughter.
(2) Desirous of having a daughter, the husband touches all the fingers of the wife except the thumb during the marriage ceremony.
(3) Longing for a daughter the bridegroom shows the bride after she has reached her new horme the Dhruva and other constellations.
(4) The parents deem it a favour of god if they can have sons as well as daughters by their side during the performance of sacrifices.
(5) The Rigveda praises the father of many daughters.
(6) The daughter claims her support from parents not for nothing, but for her devotion to them. They care for her as much as they do for their son; or it may be said-even more, as the father is found to worship the daughter (kumari) as an emblem of Virginity, as an emblem of Purity, of Tenderness. Devotion, and what not.