वर्षाऋतू = मन्दाग्नि

Monsoon is a time when urge for food is increased but digestive fire is all time (yearly) low. Hence, it is very important to understand what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat.

Two rasa are needed most 1) खट्टा २) कडवा

जो भी खाओ, गरमा गरम खाओ | भजिया खाओ (in limit) काढ़ा पीओ, चाय नहीं!

एक समय ही खाओ |

निम्बू औरअदरक का उपयोग बढाओ |

नीमका दातुन करो |

निम्बू + अदरक + मध से दिनकी शुरुआत करो |
खट्टा = Earth + fire = Hot, oleus, heavy = Pitta Up, Vata down
कडवा = Air + Ether = Cold, coarse, light = Vata up, kapha down